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Monday, August 7, 2006

Motorcycles are Dangerous; or, God is an Asshole

Posted by on August 7 at 11:46 AM

Within the span of two hours, two brothers were killed in separate motorcycle accidents on the same stretch of road in central Pennsylvania. “One was headed to the scene of his brother’s accident,” reports the Associated Press.

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I'm sorry, but...

One of them crashed into a stationary traffic sign?

And the other crashed into a stationary vehicle?

Sounds like Darwinism in action to me.

Note that they don't mention if they were wearing helmets. PA repealed their helmet law a while ago.

Darwin FTW!!!

Those two factors are not necessarily mutually exclusive...

"Accidentally". Uh-huh.

Bush is the most pro-motorcycles president we have ever had. America needs to stand strong with motorcycles now. The Stranger has gone against conventional Seattle wisdom and been pro-war. Bush is the best American president motorcycles have ever known, and many in the Seattle Jewish community appreciate what Bush has done for motorcycles.

I'm pretty sure Slog has the ability to isolate and track ISP numbers.

Is there anyway to ban Josh's?

I think that's an excellent idea.

"Kimberley"'s and "Shoshana"'s too -- though I'll bet they'll turn out to be the same one.

I like to think Josh was making a joke there.

By the way, while the Stranger should indeed be able to track incoming IP (not ISP) numbers, most IPs that are logged do not represent individuals, but service providers (ISPs) or organizations. Individual users are not singled out.

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