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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Morning News

Posted by on August 24 at 7:55 AM

Nooooooo! Astronomers declare Pluto is not a planet! Neutron star specialist Jocelyn Bell Burnell cruelly waves around a stuffed Disney Pluto while making announcement.

Yes! Yes! Yes! The FDA approves the Plan B morning after pill for over-the-counter sales for women 18 and older.

Child labor is declining worldwide, except in Sub-Saharan African, where rates remain at 1960’s levels — 1 in 4 children are working.

Syria threatens to close its border if the UN takes the “hostile action” of deploying troops in Lebanon. Also, Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes for its bombing campaign.

US housing market may be “cooling” after years of hot, hot action.

Big Dig contractors are bankrolling Seattle’s pro-tunnel group to the tune of at least $15,000

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Astronomers think they can just fuck with us. Every week a new solar system.

The world turns (slowly) at the FDA

Pluto's NOT a planet though. The only reason it has remained one officially for so long is so they didn't have to reprint all the elementary school science books.

I'm happy with the decision about Pluto not being a planet. I just think it's funny that there was all this hubbub in the media last week about how there were now 12 planets. In fact, it was just a few people in the IAU who had floated that proposal. Now the media are reporting, days later, that there are 8 planets. They should've just waited for the decision to be made so they wouldn't look like fools.

Between Plan B & Guarasil, young girls everywhere are going to be screwing like mad! Oh wait, they already are. I guess they just won't get pregnant or cancer...

The fundies will be so disappointed.

Sorry, s/b GuarDasil...

everyone's always shitting on pluto. its the smallest planet, way out all on its own, and just because it orbits a little bit different than the other planets people are all wanting to to take away its dignity by calling it an "icy dwarf" or a "trans-Neptunian object". What kind of injustice is that?

I hope to see a few hysterical posts from Erica and an existential rumination/how the scientists' race is somehow relevant from Charles. (seems to be their bag on slog). Dan, feel free to chime in with some surl. ;)


Since when has the MSM ever shown a tendency to NOT look like fools on a regular basis?

What a memorable day. Sure, the solar system I grew up with had nine planets, now it has eight. Yea buddy, someday I will be on a bar stool, gumming a burger and nursing a scotch, and someone's grandkid will be all like "no way, old person. the solar system has always had eight planets". And I will think, "fuck, that kid is stupid".

Didn't the Death Star take one out about 20 years ago or therabouts?

Pluto - never a planet, always a cartoon.

FDA and Plan B - except the reality is a lot of teen girls who have unprotected sex are going to be pregnant as a result of this decision to require them to have a doctor's prescription for this.

Big Dig behind Greg's Big Dig - not only that, they still intend on diverting the "street repairs and sidewalks" tax to cover the definite cost overruns for this underwater tunnel that ads zero capacity, costs ten times what the green line monorail would have cost, and is a Seattle-only tax on all costs after the fully-paid-for elevated Viaduct or Surface Plus Transit choices.


I'm going to hate paying a $4 toll to drive the Viaduct that's three blocks from my house.

Israel has the right to defend itself. The Arab countries have constantly attacked Israel & planned for its destruction. Every Arab child has the potential to grow up into a terrorist, and so its the IDF's humanitarian responsibility to take out those potential terrorists in a pre-emptive strike. Allowing any Arab to live just helps the terrorists & al queda types.

Hell, yeah! So great that Plan B can be sold over the counter.

Most girls don't even hear about Plan B until they are in college, which of course means that they have better access to the drug than non-college gals. Egalité!

I'd like to read the housing market story, but it links to a piece on plan b. :(

fix the housing link!


Take Dexter to Broad (Denny will still suck, but no worse than a toll booth...)

NASA said Thursday that Pluto's demotion would not affect...

Did anyone else besides me read demotion as demolition?

So now we'll have a lot more women, who before had a little more time to think and possibly reconsider, will swallow Plan B the next morning but be eventually haunted about the lives they cavalierly snuffed out. What a shame.

Never mind the elementary schools -- all the numerologists and astrologers will have to re-write their junk to cover for the missing mystical "nine".

"Lives they cavalierly snuffed out"? Somebody's been snuffing something, that's for sure. I snuff out the lives of millions of Proud Gay Republicans every time I flush away a poo.

yeah, and get stuck in traffic for ten years.

Nah, just stop trying to make me pay tolls when I don't need to. I walk to work already, don't see why I need an underwater tunnel that won't survive the upcoming stochastic mud flow and accompanying 9.0 earthquake we get about ... now ... give or take a couple of decades.

Fnarf, you need to lay off the hallucinogens ...

I just love the knee-jerk adolescent reactions to my posts. It shows I'm really striking a nerve.

Dear PGR,

You leave my prostate out of this.

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