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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Ringtone

Posted by on August 8 at 10:15 AM

Tired of annoying your co-workers with your ridiculously outdated cell phone ring? Then send them into spasms of anger with the new Mel Gibson Anti-Semitic Rant Ringtone! According to…

Oasys Mobile has created a “Mel in Malibu” ringtone with a professional actor impersonating Gibson’s infamous tirade. The tirade, free to download, has the potty-mouth bits bleeped out. “We’re starting a series of Scandal Tones that are inspired by celebrities going through a scandal,” Oasys spokeswoman Gina Torres tells The Scoop. Any other celebs in the company’s ringtone future? “We’re looking towards doing something with Lindsay Lohan,” Torres says. “We’re waiting until she gets hospitalized again and then we’re going to have the sound of an ambulance siren in the background and this husky-voiced Lohan sound-alike blaming it on dehydration. She’s already been hospitalized three times this year, so we figure we won’t have to wait long.”

“Ring! Ring! It’s for Jew!”

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Mel Gibson must have his career ruined for saying that Jews cause wars. What he did is a hate crime and I believe he should go to jail for it. Anyone saying anything against Judaism is anti-semitic, and should be silenced. Christianity is the cause of all the world's wars. The Jews are a peaceful people and are constantly oppressed by people like Mel Gibson.

Muslims don't want cartoons printed, Jews don't want drunk people to talk shit, Christians don't want women's breasts in movies. ALL RELIGIONS are a sham.


Anyone talking shit about ANY religion is Hollywood deserves a ten picture deal. We need more mocking of religions not less. The Torah and the Bible work equally well for wiping shit off your ass.

Hey Shoshana - you fucked up and used your real name. Now we've got you, troll.

And Religion Sucks - what a BRIGHT CHILD you are! Thank you for your witty, erudite opinion, you precious little child! We hope you're getting all the pretty attention you need here, that your parents don't give you at home. Poor, poor child. Such misunderstanding, neglectful, STUPID parents you must have. WE understand you.

Seattle is one of the least religious cities in the nation, and the Pacific Northwest has the lowest rates of Church going anywhere. Making fun of religion is a good way to show people how stupid Christianity, Judaism, and Scientology are. Not being able to take a joke about your religion is a sign of intolerance.

Hey all you super religious Seattle people. God tells some Jews to suck the blood of the mutilated genitles of baby boys. Christians don't want our kids to learn evolution, and Jews don't want our kids to have foreskins. Isn't religion great?

Check out the wikipedia posting-

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