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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

McGavick Pledges to Contribute $$ to Lieberman Campaign

Posted by on August 9 at 16:23 PM

McGavick issued a press release today on the Lieberman news:

“The latest victim of partisanship is Sen. Joe Lieberman,” Mike McGavick said this morning. “As the Senator said in his concession speech last night, it’s time for our elected leaders to stop playing political games so that we can get things done for this country. Senator Lieberman’s message of independence and bi-partisanship is right for our country. We don’t have to agree on all issues, but this nation is desperate for leaders that will look beyond their party leaders to help our families and communities—even if it might put their own re-election in doubt. In support of Sen. Lieberman’s campaign for civility, I wish him the best, and Gaelynn and I plan on contributing to his campaign.”

Given that Lieberman’s voting record mirrors Cantwell’s voting record, McGavick should consider two things.

1) If McGavick thinks Lieberman is a symbol of the healthy, moderate bi-partisanship that he wishes would displace the polarized partisanship of DC, he should drop out and contribute to Cantwell’s campaign. Again, her record mirrors Lieberman’s.


2) If McGavick is so enamored of Lieberman’s record of defying partisanship, McGavick should stop running as a party line Republican, and follow Lieberaman’s example and run as an Independent himself.

As I wrote a few weeks ago: McGavick’s attempt to transform the current foul mood of voters (anger at the party in power, the GOP) into a general anger at partisanship…is a deliberate end-run around Cantwell, who isn’t hotly partisan.

From the end of my article:

Cantwell famously teamed up with the GOP to pass bipartisan campaign finance reform; in 2003, she reached across the aisle to pass the sales tax deduction; she didn’t join the Democrats’ gimmicky Alito filibuster; she voted for the PATRIOT Act. She’s under fire from liberals for being conservative.After the audience Q&A, I asked McGavick where Cantwell fit into his critique of D.C.’s pessimistic culture. “I barely talked about Cantwell [because partisan bickering] is a national issue,” he said. “It’s not about Senator Cantwell.”

McGavick is running against D.C., not against Cantwell. If McGavick can continue to do an end run around Cantwell with his broad critique of D.C.—he could win. And Cantwell is letting this happen. She needs to make McGavick run against her—and things like her VA funding vote— if she wants to short-circuit McGavick’s charming attempt to co-opt public anger to his advantage.

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oh, burn.

However, the sad thing is, I bet if he did actually run as independent he would probably win here in Washington.

I don't think he would. You need a party, really you do. But McGavick knows that "let's stop the partisan bickering" is the Rove-approved message for Republicans this year. It's how Republicans can run against incumbency even when they ARE the incumbents. You have to give them credit, they play this game very well. Smart, but evil.

Republicans sure do love to give money to their opponents, don't they? When it hurts them.

I wish Lieberman would just step down.

Thank god we have Mr. McGavick to protect us from "political games".

I mean "political games." So sorry.

"Partisan Bickering" = finally realizing that fellating Rethugs as they lie isn't getting Democrats shit.

Bicker away, folks (you payin' attention, Hillary?)

Oh, and McGavick is a disingenuous douchebag - though it is nice to see who Joe Lieberman's base really is...

Right now, the polls show Lieberman winning the general. The R's are making smart moves giving him dollars- he'll be more beholden to them, but will in essence be powerless. He'll end up being the clone of Lincoln Chaffee - R in name (or possibly I) but have an effectiveness of zippo with the inner workings of the Senate.

Wrong, Josh. Actually, Maria Cantwell's record mirrors Patty Murray's - NOT Joe Lieberman's. Not only are their voting records far apart, but their political views are, too.

I didn't see Joe out supporting the Levin amendment or calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. And I sure as heck didn't see Maria Cantwell calling affirmative action "un-American", or declare that she believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims for "principled reasons" shouldn't be forced to do so.

I didn't see Cantwell on FOX News saying we shouldn't "undermine the President." I DID see Cantwell stand up to Ted Stevens of Alaska and block Arctic drilling. I DID see Cantwell stand up to Enron and prevent the company from taking Snohomish ratepayers to the cleaners.

What a joke.
The Levin amendment was vague & toothless ...and was pure political cover for people like Cantwell. Seems to have worked on you, though. Listen to Cantwell on the war. She's still saying basically the same thing as Bush.
Meanwhile, yes Cantwell has some fat liberal positions that make up for some of her disappointing votes like the PATRIOT Act and CAFTA and the war)...but so does Lieberman. Go to Project VoteSmart and compare their voting records. Not substantively different. Lieberman gets high high marks from the liberal groups and flopping grades from the conservatives.
You're right that Lieberman is more aggravating with his b.s. about not criticizing Bush on the war...but when it comes down to action, Cantwell hasn't substantively undermined Bush on the war at all.

It’s time for our elected leaders to stop playing political games so that we can get things done for this country

Huh??? How exactly is a democratic election involving 283,055 voters, a political game?

What exactly doesn't Mike McGavick understand about democracy?

I just think it's funny to see all these Republicans on Fox News ever so concerned about making sure the Dems have the best representatives money can buy.

Buried in the news today amidst the Fear Fear Fear rovian scares, is the news that the WH is quietly sending funding to Lieberman.

So, looks like the kiss was an expression of true communist brotherhood between him and George.

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It's amazing to see so many individuals following the lead of Maria Cantwell. I believe it's because most Democrats think Republicans are dumb and uneducated, WRONG! If you were to seriously study the woman you would learn from her own trusted aides they won't follow her to Washington due to her violent outbursts of temper, and when this happens (daily) heads roll. She is no leader; she is a female who is literally stuck in PMS mode. Don't believe me, do your homework. Mike McGavick on the other hand is known for his hard work, fairness and a loving family man. Is this not the type a leader you look for or is it that so many city dwellers think Maria’s way is more normal? Sad. Politicians like her, Clinton, Kennedy, Schumer, Feinstein, Kerry etc, etc, will be the end of democracy in this country. Do you really want socialism / communism? Have faith, vote for a party that encourages the individual, not the one that caters to the large mass of blind followers. Really, think about it. It’s your children’s future at stake. The world can do without another Socialist state, don’t you agree?

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