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Thursday, August 10, 2006

McDonald’s Gives Boys Hummers

Posted by on August 10 at 17:45 PM

Because they know what makes little boys happy.

Girls get a Polly Pocket, whatever that means.

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Broken link.

They should change the name to Happy Ending Meals if they are giving out Hummers and Pocket Pussy's.

the second link worked for me...could find no mention of a polly pocket though...maybe it's parking place for when the hummer's done?

my reaction the other day as well. the real crime of course was being at chez McDoe in the first place

Pity the french fry grease joke was already made.

The big question is how you get the clown makeup of your dick after Ronald gives you a hummer.

Big baby Jesus! That is one of the creepiest Ronald MacDonald's I've seen in a long time. I can't tell if it's an asian woman or an irish man. I guess that's why the keep the gift iconography straight.
Those crazy scots, I tell you. One minute their tossing large logs while wearing skirts and the next minute they are in clown makeup giving hummers to little boys. And I thought the scots were presbyterian.

They should hand out caps:

How shall we mak a coat for Johnnie Scot
Among us woman all
How shall we mak a coat for Johnnie Scot
To Mak the laddie bragh
Wi my cunt hair and your cunt hair
we'll weave it mighty small
An if be sparse,
We'll comb are arse
An' mak him cap an' all

(Bobby Burns - as if it could be by anyone else)

MacDonalds would be a better place if it stuck by it's scottish roots!

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