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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Take the Metropolis with You

Posted by on August 10 at 15:47 PM



This is the first art car I’ve ever been atrracted to (rather than repelled by).

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Looks like it needs a Monorail.

and you don't have to remember which way to fold it back up so that the creases are still your friends.

god, i hate art cars. even the best are still the worst idea ever.

Wow. Most artcars look like someone has vomited all over them. This is actually kind of interesting. Bitch to keep clean, though. I wonder what it does for the gas mileage?

does it run on the core-of-earth heat?

Do you think that the guy who drives this car fancies himself the mayor of this little town?

>god, i hate art cars. even the best are still the worst idea ever.

Way to sound like a philistine. If someone said "God, I hate folk art" or "God, I hate guitar music", it usually means they've made up their minds after a minimal exposure to the art in question.

Would you rather everyone drove identical black SUVs?

God, I hate street fairs.

what about the philistine street fair i am organizing? a parade of SUVs will kick it off.

Bush is the most pro-art cars president we have ever had. America needs to stand strong with art cars now. The Stranger has gone against conventional Seattle wisdom and been pro-art cars. Bush is the best American president art cars have ever known, and many in the Seattle Jewish community appreciate what Bush has done for art cars.

Is there any middle ground between "identical black SUVs" and "clapped out 1981 Nissan Sentras with globs of melting rainbow-colored crud heaped all over it"?

Uh... gee. I wouldn't want to be driving behind this "art car" on I-5 or 99 going 65 miles per hour when one of those wooden stakes comes off the top. Some have nice, sharp points—perfect for piercing your windshlield first, your chest second.

um, and you don't run the same risk being tailgated by a cell-talking SUV driver?

Now, now Dan. Art car artists (and I speak as one) only use the strongest of bonding agents - or more likely, metal screws - to adhere bits to their cars. Remember, art car artists are generally quite obsessive, and the last thing they want is to lose their bits.

Personally, I prefer a more minimal approach, and my car is only painted. No bits. I drive the Saabing Tiger, a tiger-painted car you may've seen on Capitol Hill.

And then there are people like David Crow.

This car has been up in Port Townsend all summer, what a surprise to find it on the slog!

Funny, I just saw this driving down NE Pacific yesterday. I was walking over the pedestrian bridge as it went under, so I got a nice view of it.

I tend to judge art cars individually, as I would with any other piece of art. Some are great, some are horrible. This one is pretty darn neat.


The Stranger declares war on art cars...


ART CARS are like everything...some are ugly, some are cool, some are junky, some are slick. They're all different. One thing that is definitely true about ART CARS is they entertain! You may choose a negative or positive or completely indifferent reaction, but you are entertained by what you see. I mean check it out, the half naked Heidi Klum (below) has only receievd 6 comments, this ART CAR one has receievd 19 so far. Do the math. I have been creating and driving ART CARS for 20 years. I get all my needs met through this form of art. Recognition, Creativity, Challenge, Generosity and Emotional Excitement! Over the years I have received a small amount of fame and fortune as a direct result of driving an ART CAR. On the low end I have been paid ($75.) to escort a lady and her co-workers to Taco Bell for a birthday lunch. I have also made about $1200. over the years performing out of my art cars and collecting change. On the high end I won $10,000. from a local radio station competition, using my truck the Ford De-Ranger to beat out 33 other contestants. On the fame side, I have been on the cover of The Oregonian twice, The Salem Statesman Journal and dozens of other print media sources to many to mention. I have been on local news programs over 12 times at least. I have been on Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, The Travel Channel, Weird Wheels out of Canada, A national morning show out of New York. ABC National News , Oregon Art Beat, oh yeah and Seattle's pm evening magazine show. My new ART CAR will surpass all that, I plan to get on Countdown with Keith Oberman and Jay Leno and beyond. My new ART CAR will entertain the world even more!

'received' more thing, as far as stuff flying off or crashing into something, my car is made of RUBBER...tee hee!

All that and Extremo's car is still ugly...LOL...

City's pointed wooden stakes would work great on vampires.

Some people get the joke, some don't. Conspicuous consumption will always be with us, regardless of how much we might jab at it.

god, i hate people who hate anything.

Greetings from Baltimore, Maryland!
A great car! There have been a few city cars or road/highway cars done- one great one is in the movie by Harrod Blank- it is a detailed car with New York City all over it...

There is far much more fun creating and driving an artcar than any other vehicle on the face of the earth. One recent add on television showed a high price car dealer telling customers that if they wanted to have heads turned they needed one of his over priced cars....hell no! you just need an art car and lots less money for the same effect.

There is nothing like driving an artcar. No other car connects with the public. One comes out of a shopping trip to find 30 people standing around your car appreciating it....asking about the art...taking photos or running into the store to buy a camera to take photos.

Absolutely amazing! Critics of artcars just wish they had one! Every artcar is wonderful. This talk of quality is irrelevant. No matter what kind of artcar one has people are wild about it. Hardly a negative comment and I have 5 of them and drive them every day.

As I have explained many times in my free seminars for policemen (I pull them over from time to time...never charge for explaining things often they just want to take a photo...) all of my cars are absolutely legal. I have all of the legal code work done and printed out for them to have a copy. They are always very pleasant and acknowledge my knowledge!

Far more rusted mufflers fall off of cars and go tunbling down the highway to sit there in the street and ruin cars that run them over than art from artcars.

Did you know that most modern cars have glued on parts on the exterior. Many of them come unglued in the heat.

Most artcar artists use perminant adhesive. That makes the artwork perminent repair. It is as good as its going to get.

Extremo and your wondrous artcar artists are connected to all of us all over the country. Our numbers are growing daily!

In Louisville 40 of us gathered to park and show off our cars. A wild time- just last week.

Go get yourself an artcar and experience the wonder.

If you want to drive an ugly car go and drive a plain one!

Why would any free person living in a free country force themselves to drive a plain car! Express yourself! Live your freedom.

If you do your life will be better. And if all it takes to make people smile and be happy is to art your car then go do it. You will never see happier people than those who have just looked at an artcar.

Got a problem with being happy? Don't yell at artcar artists get yourself some good help.

My Magnet truck! See the blogs below for all of my cars.

Yes you saw my cars on Monster Nation!

You can also see my cars in the new book just out- Wierd Maryland.....

Congratulations artcar artists of the pacific Northewest! Your work is wonderful. We invite you to join us in Maryland sometime.

Conrad Bladey Visionary Artist

My best advertising for my own artistic business has always been my car.
As far as being dangerous to have on the road, my art car saved my life when I was impacted by a semi going 80mph, all the extra "stuff" on my car slowed down the force of the impact and I walked away from a wreck that everyone looks at and is amazed that I am even alive, let alone not crippled perminently.
you can see pictures of my cars at :

Here, here, Conrad! I've been involved in the art car community for well over a decade here in Houston, Texas (the Art Car Capital of the World!) and can personally attest to your comments about the JOY these creations spread throughout the community. (Dusty Dave the Dolphin actually saved my life ten years ago, with its goofy grin greeting me every morning at the warehouse where I lived while pregnant with twins, jobless, homeless, and very much alone, simply by reminding me to look for the positive, the colorful, the bright and the FUN in life, even when surrounded with dismal darkness.) I challenge any of you reading this to come down to Houston in May and witness the largest gathering of these mobile works of art in the world and walk away unmoved by it all. Better yet, join in on one of the groups visiting elementary schools and hospitals the day before the big parade and see if you are still static in your opine.

A listing of art car gatherings all over the country:

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