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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lunch Time Slog Post

Posted by on August 24 at 11:41 AM

Linda Derschang, the Linda who owns Capitol Hill hangout Linda’s, had a super size lunch yesterday: Six burgers—including one with peanut butter and bacon!

image 61.jpg

Linda was sampling a crop of new burger specialties for the place she’s opening in Ballard, King’s—in the old King’s Hardware store next to Hattie’s.

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Jesus, those onion rings on that burger to the right look fine.

I'll second that.

By including such items as bacon on her menu, Linda Derschang is making a clear choice to keep observant Jews out of her restaurant. There are a great many foods that Jews can eat- chicken, lamb, even vegetarian pizza. By serving pork products, she may as well hang a sign on her door that says 'Jews not welcome here.' It is an interesting 'coincidence' that the German-named Derschang is leading this new wave of anti-semitism. The Jews are the world's most oppressed minority, and we must use any means at our disposal to stop this anti-semitic madness by the people of Seattle.

The Jews won the war against Hezbollah terrorists, and Linda's tavern can fall just as quickly.



Get over your Yiddish self, already. There are plenty of observant Jews who realize that there are about 10,000 better things to do than trying to be the Kosher food police.

I'm sure there are plenty of burger options at this joint that don't involve swine or cooking a critter with its mother's milk.

Vegans, on the other hand, have a right to be pissed off - NOT.

Vegans are always too busy trying to find the perfect soy-based tofu substitute for ribs!

mmmm, riblets!

most of the Jewish people I know enjoy a nice bacon and mushroom burger like the rest of us.

It's mostly just around holidays, frankly, that they tend to follow the dietary restrictions.

This thread is just weird.

It's a photo of table full of tasty looking burger sandwiches.

Why are talking about Jews? Again?

Anyway, I just want to eat a hamburger now.

What I want to know is - am I going to have to go all the way to Ballard to enjoy these lovely, lovely burgers, or will the same selections be available at both locations?

And hey, Linda, if you're reading this - go back to the OLD fries, you know the crispy-golden-on-the-outside-soft-and-buttery-on-the-inside variety, and ditch the Dick's/McMenamins limp, greasy, shoestrings-with-the-skins on.

Those "new fries" suck.

True vegans would not even eat at a place that serves meat! You know that everything in the kitchen is covered with dead flesh!

Linda is ripping off the Twilight Exit if she introduces the peanut butter bacon burger. You don't have to go to Ballard to get those, just head towards Chocolate City.

I'am with comte those "new" fries suck! The old ones were the best. Now I have to order a salad!!!!!!

Those new fries are BAD and not in a good way.


Sub O-rings for the fries next time. What you lack in quantity you more than make up in crispy, greasy, oniony goodness.


Good call on the Twilight. I totally forgot they had a PBBB on their menu.

As a vegan Jew, I am offended that a new restaurant would choose to serve bacon. Many vegans of all religions know the hurt and pain eating any type of meat causes this planet. We need more vegan restaurants, not more traditional American restaurants.

She might as well call the place "Hitler Burger" like that new restaurant in India.

As a Pastafarian, I see no spaghetti in that photo--I'm now offended!

I like the new fries better. They are cut in the kitchen and fried in peanut oil. I know the old fries were good but they were frozen & I wanted to do real fries. There is more room for error with the home made fries - I know that sometimes they are overdone or soggy. We're working on that. I didn't know the Twilight Exit had a peanut butter & bacon burger and I bet it's good.

Linda, thanks for responding.

I didn't mean the fries you replaced with the NEW fries, I meant the OLD fries, the ones you had originally.

I may be in the minority here, but if THOSE also came out of a bag, they were still far superior to the current variety.

Linda's best friend is a Jew. I know, I'm her. I know for a fact that if I went to Temple, and if she had the time, we'd go together. And bring bacon chocolate chip cookies, just to be funny. So there. JAJAP (Julianne, Jewish American Princess)

Linda--I worked at a restaurant in the 80's with tons of burgers. People would ask me what burger was the best. I would offer a few suggestions and then tell them I would give them a money back guarentee on the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. I sold a ton and never bought a burger.

Will King's be as pretentious and unwelcoming as Linda's? I can't wait to find out. Linda's is, in my mind, the climax of the too-cool-for-everything attitide. Recently, when attempting to have breakfast at Linda's with my boyfriend he had this conversation with the bitch behind the bar (keep in mind there was no sign designating where to sit or whether or not to seat yourself):

BF: "Hi, where to we sit for breakfast?"
BBB: "What?"
BF: "What's the deal for breakfast?"
BBB: "What about it?"
BF: "Where do we sit?"
BBB: "At a table" [rolls eyes] and then, as we are walking to a table shouts after us "I don't know, what do you usually sit at?"

Why do so many people like to go to a place where they're treated like shit? That's not the first time, but definitely the last time I get treatment like that at Linda's.

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