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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lipstick Traces is Closing

Posted by on August 22 at 11:10 AM

Owner Jenn Gallucci sent out this email to customers and friends last Sunday:

After 7 great years Lipstick Traces is closing it’s doors. I have decided to devote my time and energy to raising our new baby son. Thank you for all of your support over these past years.

We are currently selling everything in the store, excluding those great dressing room curtains which were on loan from our family. The sale includes all merchandise, furniture, fixtures, displays, office equipment and furniture, wooden hangers and other retail supplies. Send me an email if you would like to know any specifics or just stop by the store. We will be closing August 31st.

Thank you again to all I have had the pleasure of working with and all my loyal customers. I’ll be sure to let you know if Lipstick Traces continues online.

Best wishes,
Jenn Gallucci

I’m glad she has a happy reason to be closing up shop, but I’ll sure miss her store.

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A sign on their door relayed the sad news this morning.

*Gasp! I replied.

What a drag. Lipstick Traces, you will be missed (especially by me).

Moved from Pittsburgh about a month ago, and I never understood that store anyway. Won't miss it.

so sad. I love lipstick traces.

(thanks again for that amazing wallet, cienna!)

I don't understand the crackwhore house with the waterslide in the middle of it on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

First confounded books and now lipstick. Is capital hill going the way belltown once did?

Capitol Hill should be so lucky. This place isn't gonna be anything but Subways and Condos in 6 months.

Subway would be great. When I moved here from Milwaukee six months back I was expecting a bigger city. Bimbo's Burrito has terrible service, and there's no real brew pub on Capital Hill. We need a Gordon Berche up here, and the closest one is downtown. I love my new condo, but would like some amenities on the Capital hill streets.

They have great service if you're not you.

Sorry you are here, Pittsburgh transplant. (go home). There is a Gap downtown- I assume that would be a pleasing alternative to you? You've been here one month, therefore what your comments on what you will or will not miss in Seattle are STUPID/IRREVELANT/ANNOYING, etc... how can you not agree?

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