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Monday, August 7, 2006

Lieberman Looking Confident

Posted by on August 7 at 17:01 PM

Which leads a New York Times writer to ask: Could Joe Lieberman actually pull this thing out?

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Not without massive crossover voting by the GOP.

That headline is priceless.

Maybe he knows that "funny voting machines" will be used.

pull what out...his head?

It's interesting to see the pro-Lamont blogs trying to dampen expectations the last week or so, presumably with the purpose of fighting complacency and getting out the vote. But I also think that a lot of them expect Lieberman to win after all and don't want such a result to be construed as a failure for the netroots. Rather, they want to focus on how impressive it is that Lamont went from nothing to favorite in a matter of months (not that the netroots can take full credit, but it's been a boon for the anti-war side in general).

Dan there's nothing defunct about your funny politician name definitions. Santorum was a good start. Let's all do what we can to get new definitions out there. Please att Lieberman to your website. -

Lieberman - noun - A clot of blood than forms on an infant's penis if the Rabbi doesn't suck the blood away quick enough. -- The Rabbi used his tongue to dislodge the Lieberman that had formed on the penis. (There are three stages required for the performance of a ritually correct circumcision in Jewish law: the removal of the foreskin; the tearing of the underlying membraene so as to expose the glans completely; and the sucking away of the blood, m'tsitsah)see-

we already told you, Dan Fan, cut it out.

hatred of anyone for religious reasons is just plain uncool and stupid.

What's wrong with hating Christians? Seattle is the least religious region in the nation. If you are a "sensitive about religious jokes" type, you might consider a Red State. Religion is a sham, and there's nothing wrong with hating all the damage religion causes in the world.

Yeah, sucking blood out of a baby boy's penis because the Bible tells you to makes plenty of sense to me. As long as god tells you to suck blood out of a baby boy's penis no one has a right to question you.

P.S. you might want to see the recent New York Times article about the Rabbi in Brooklyn who gave herpes to a couple of kids doing this. One of the baby boys died. But hey! God told him to right?

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