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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Did You Get a Cake This Morning?

Posted by on August 23 at 16:01 PM

This year marks a return to form for the Genius Awards. For the last two years, we’ve had P-I art critic Regina Hackett tag along with the person delivering the “You’re a Friggin’ Genius” cakes. We use chocolate cakes to let Genius Award winners know they’ve won. The cakes are from QFC. Very posh.

Well… this morning, this year’s cakes went out. We didn’t tell anyone it was happening. No photographers. No P-I writers. We wanted it to be a surprise again. Other media outlets: Have you figured it out yet? It will be interesting to see who has enough sources in the arts world to put together the whole list first. There are four awards to individuals—in literature, visual art, theater, and film—and one award for an arts organization

Each winner gets $5,000, which they can spend however they like, and a party thrown in their honor. This year’s party is at Henry Art Gallery on October 21. There’s a lot more going on this year too—in addition to what we’ve done in past years—but I don’t want to divulge all the details just yet.

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No, and it looks like that b..t..d Tim Eyman is trying to make money off of my principled opposition to the Underwater Tunnels and their fake Permanent Tax.

Ah, well, at least that money-grubbing non-Seattlite realizes we Seattlites are hopping mad!

But I could have used the cake.

No cake for Fnarf. The injustice continues. Fortunately Fnarf doesn't like cake, he likes pie.

geesh, Awards, Prizes, why doesn't frizzelle just go down and audition for Entertainment Tonight. Tonight isn't soon enough

i'm a genius and i know it.

i don't need a chocolate sheet cake from QFC, but the $5000 would be nice. check the address, make sure you got it right!

When I win, make mine red velvet, please.

That'll be two-fifty, please.

I can only assume that I missed the delivery because my building doesn't have a buzzer.

Unlike Fnarf, I get lots of pie, so I prefer the cake. Cupcakes are nice too.

Maybe those homeless drunks that will soon be flooding Wallingford, Fremont, Green Lake, and Ballard due to the new Zero Alcohol zones for the rich people will bring some cupcakes? That would be nice, I'm getting sick and tired of tripping over their 40 ouncers.

I don't think they'll bring cupcakes. Not long ago as I was getting out of my car, a panhandler asked me for money. I had none (and would give him none anyway), but I had half a dozen Costco muffins that I offered him. His response? "Oh, no, man. My dentist would kill me."

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