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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Posted by on August 22 at 12:10 PM

We’re coming up on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the tragedy in New Orleans, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of one-year-later commemorations in the coming weeks. (If I had cable, I’d totally be watching this.)

Yesterday I caught an unusual bit of post-Katrina footage on YouTube (where I’d been directed by Towleroad). It’s, uh, Celine Dion (ew) being interviewed via satellite by Larry King (ew!), and for the first minute or so I was certain the point was Celion Dion is an asshole. But then it totally turns around. By the end, or at least before the closing song, I was feeling something I’d never, ever felt before: the urge to applaud Celine Dion.

Check it out here.

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I'm sorry, but I can't hear Celine Dion's voice without being reminded of that Terrance and Phillip episode of South Park.

"Oh, no! Celine Dion, you fucked Ugly Bob!"

I watched the first part of When the Levees Broke last night and it was stunning. HBO is very worth the extra $ these days, I swear.

I too saw "Levees". It was very well made.

It definitely reminded me what a total failure this "president" has been. Disgraceful.

Any news on when this HBO special will come out on DVD?

I was just there Saturday. America really is a third-world country. I need to get around to posting the pictures soon.

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