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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Want an ISUZU Gemini!

Posted by on August 24 at 12:51 PM

Back in the ’80s—long before the development of CGI technology—there were a group of people commonly refered to as “STUNT DRIVERS.” Check out this AMAZING display of actual stunt driving from this series of late ’80s ISUZU Gemini commercials! (Hang with it… it gets even better toward the end!)

Tip o’ the hat to Best Week Ever!

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I just saw this on Best Week Ever and am still amazed at the art of it. Those drivers are freakin awesome!

I wonder how much rehearsal time went into those choreographed numbers. Crikey, just think of all the takes they must've done. I'd like to think they lost at least a few Geminis in that river jump.

This is a fun clip. It would be really cool if we could see the out takes. No doubt a few Geminis got dented up in the course of filming these. Still, some pretty awesome driving.


That makes the Bourne Identity look like a couple of homeless guys ramming each other with shopping carts.

Levislade - homeless guys ramming each other with shopping carts is a pretty awesome idea for The Bourne Ultimatum. You should forward it to Matt Damon.

Ah, my first movie pitch! (Sadly, I never approached anyone with my idea to film "The Importance of Being Earnest" as an "Earnest" film before Jim Varney died. Actually, I didn't even have the idea until he'd been dead for several years.)

Anyway, I might have some high-school connex I could work with Matty D; this could really happen! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ivan.

Sorry, I meant "Ernest." Of course.

Holy crap! My very first car was an Isuzu Gemini and no one ever believes that it was a real car! Thank you Stranger, for giving me another glance at that glorious car. I the only one who thinks that virtually all of this is...oh, I don't know, virtual?

I don't think so. That was amazing. As was the shopping cart comment. Hee!

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