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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Don’t Heart The Stranger

Posted by on August 22 at 14:48 PM

The bad news: I Heart Seattle has some complaints about us.

The good news: At least he/she thinks Christopher Frizzelle is a “hottie.”

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Can someone point us at a picture of hottie-Frizzelle?

Can someone point us at a picture of hottie-Frizzelle?

Can someone point us to evidence that we're swiping posts from other local blogs?

Yes, I second the motion to stop the celebrity gossip NOW. Surely there's more interesting slogging material out there than Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton. If you can't find any, you're fired.

I'll post it when I find things you swipe.

And Dan- I'm sure you have an awesome photo of Chris you'd like to share. You must! Or somone over there must. You know a photo that is really indicative of who he is. Coming soon:

Dear Humorless Intellectual Blogger. Up your nose with a rubber hose. Humpy's column is great and the slog is fun and informative.

For the record, I generally enjoy I Heart Seattle. Also for the record, apparently they still enjoy us enough to swipe photos that were originally published on Line Out.

Dear Beat It-

Humorless? I admit i put things up my nose and that I'm an intellectual, but humorless? Did you even READ my blog?

Humorless Intellectual Blogger

given the stranger's rip-on-the-weekly fetish, i'm surprised this hasn't extended to ripping-on-local-blogs as well. I mean, when can we expect to see "seattle's only blog" gfx? ;)

look for an "already over" [gawker] style post coming soon to a slog near you?

how to get traffic to your lame ass blog. step 1: start a lame ass blog. step 2: write whiny post about the stranger not linking to your lame ass blog. step 3: accuse stranger of swiping posts from your lame ass blog. step 4: sit back and wait for thin-skinned bitches at the stranger to jump all over you.

Ahhhh, feeling like Charlie Brown here at the Slog. We just can't win. Far from swiping stuff without giving credit, I received a lengthy, bitchy e-mail recently, accusing me of linking and crediting David Postman's blog way too much. The guy told me I was kissing Postman's ass.

There's nothing wrong with the Slog. Yes, you can point to silly and retarded articles, but they are welcome as well. The volume is very high, after all, so there's something for everyone. The variety of viewpoints far outstrips any of the other blogs in town. And possibly even more than the paper, the writing style is uniformly excellent: fresh, crisp, lively, very readable. 100% perfect? No. What is? It is, after all, a blog, and not an Official Compendium of Eternal Truth.

I Heart Seattle? Not so much. And white text on black? No thanks.

Come on, FNARF, it prints so well ... and then you can go buy more toner!

IHS, I don't think you do much to refute your alleged lack of humor by getting defensive about it.

You have to admit, trying to dress down The Stranger for covering entertainment is pretty surly.

But I will say, putting things up your nose is very cosmopolitan, so at least you've got that going for you.

Would you please just give Fnarf his column so we don't have to continually hear his ass kissing slurps...

Oh, c'mon, I haven't even got the tongue halfway out yet.

herethere, your comment made me think of this:

Brick Top: Get your tongue out of my arse there Gary. Dogs do that. You're not a dog are ya Gary?
Gary: No Mr. Poford, I'm not.

I remember when the Rocket was in it's heyday - back when the Weekly was interesting. The only thing I read the Rocket for was music shows and music news.

I like the Rocket then.

i think iheartseattle is pretty funny

i remember the rocket from when i was younger- i agree with them in that it forced the other papers to try to scoop each other and be the best.

its important to have a two papers. the weekly doestn matter.

God, how I hated the Rocket.

It's true that Slog lacks clarity and standards, and that political posts often lack context and angles, and are sometimes only a sentence or two. That's what I love about it. The (mostly) unedited thoughts of people I (probablay would, if I really knew them,) respect. And Slog posts and Stranger articles are Fair and Balanced (TM) in the same way that Fox News is, but unlike any other Fair and Balanced (TM) news outlet I've come across, I usually agree with them. And sometimes laugh. But, because of that property, not everyone will like it. That's okay. For thorough coverage of world events, I go to that certain most respected newspaper in the country. Okay, I'll just come out and say it: I totally have a crush on The Stranger. As a whole. Move over, Fnarf, let me have some analingual time. It seems like IHS might prefer the editorial style of the dailies, though, for which I don't think anything less of her/him/it. And I present evidence of an acute sense of humor:
Because no one else does. Yet."
"I admit I put things up my nose..."
I don't like undeservedly derogatory comments. And I maintain that everyone has a sense of humor. A unique one.

Why, FNARF, did you hate the Rocket so much? Sure it went downhill in its last days, but it served a great purpose when it was in its prime. I think it's ridiculous that there isn't anything like it around today, in a city as music-centric as Seattle. And Seattle Sound, as it has repeatedly proven, doesn't count.

Fnarf, your hatred serves no purpose. At least the Rocket was thin and any ads it had were for useful things, like Looking for band members or singers, or someone selling his drum set.

Hey I love the Slog... and check it out all day long... but truth be told... there is a distinct
"Sammy Maudlin" tone to it sometimes.
But I like that. I picture Erica Barnett doing the Joey Heatherton
"I wanna have your baby" scream to complete the picture.
As for IHS... by what criteria would that pass as an (ahem) "intellectual" blog.

Interesting perspective. I think she forgets that, as a side blog to the actual paper, that the format of Slog is meant to be much less formal. Some take their blogs more seriously... as that's their only editorial outlet. The Stranger's serious editorial outlet is The Stranger.

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