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Friday, August 25, 2006


Posted by on August 25 at 15:43 PM


The five HUMP screenings we announced in this week’s paper have sold out, so we’ve added three additional screenings: Friday September 8 at 10 PM and Midnight, Saturday September 9 at 2 PM. Tickets for these added screenings are on sale now. Go to our HUMP page for more info and a link to ticket sales.

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How about Sunday? Pretty please?

Sorry, no can do Sunday. That's the Lord's day.

Seriously, we can't have any screenings Sunday. We wanted to, but it wasn't possible. NWFF is booked.

Porn is to trendy right now. How cool to have an amature porn contest in our town. Thanks to The Stranger for keeping Seattle on the cutting edge.

Ooooo... sarcastic...

if only I could trade my saturday tickets for friday tickets.

LOL I got a ticket for Friday night!

Too bad. How cool would a Sunday morning porn screening have been? "It's all relative to the size of your steeple. . ."

Friday it is.

Humpfest Update: Yesterday on NPR (Nationalized Proctology Radio) Julie McCarthy did 5,6,7 minutes on Hugo & Fidel, who are more than kissing close; they're fisting close. In fact it's a 3-way: Castro, Chavez, & our taxpayer-supported People's public radio. I felt the love, and the duodenum ... more than 5 minutes of commentary about communist tyrants, and fewer than 5 seconds of caveat.

Is that supposed to be funny? Cus it's stupid.

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