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Thursday, August 24, 2006

HUMP 2 Tickets on Sale Tomorrow!

Posted by on August 24 at 13:19 PM


The HUMP 2 submissions are in, they were screened for the judges last night, and all I can say is that HUMP 2 audiences are in for some awesome fucking porn viewing. We got funny HUMPs, we got hot HUMPs, we got funny/hot HUMPs, and we got WTF HUMPs. HUMP 2 is not to be missed!

But to see the funny/hot/funnyhot/WTF HUMP films—and to vote for the winner—you’re going to need HUMP tickets, which go on sale tomorrow morning at 9 AM. To order tickets for one of the five—count ‘em, five!—screenings, go to

A note about the judges: We don’t pick the winner, we just narrowed the number of films down. All the HUMP submissions will be screened, but only 20 or so are in competition. The audience will decide who wins the $2000 and the trip to Las Fucking Vegas.

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Any gay porn this time?

YES! Gay porn this time! We're so relieved.

But is there any female ejaculation?

Hopefully there's some porn in this year's festival that features straight-up lesbian sex, not down and dirty BDSM lesbian sex.

Yes...but...back to the female ejaculation question...

Tickets are $20?!?!?!?! Do we get a blowjob with every ticket? God damn.......

Is each screening the same program?

Both the Friday and Saturday 8pm sold out by 9:45am Friday.

$20? GASP!

please, people.
that was quite possibly the best $15 i spent last year. I imagine this year extra $5 will be worth it for more HOT GAY ACTION.

how much SHOULD it cost for naked people fucking?
cheap horny bastards.

Could someone please explain the sudden widespread obsession with female ejaculation? A couple years ago it was nowhere - now it's on every other porn title released.

Can all females squirt? What exactly are they squirting?


You act like porn isn't ALWAYS expensive. It's the nature of the beast, my friends.

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