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Friday, August 25, 2006

Gorilla Gay Coffee House

Posted by on August 25 at 13:45 PM

Spotted this flyer on light pole near the office…


Apparently the gays are planning to take over the Wayward Coffee House in Greenwood this evening. The coffee shop is 100% alcohol, attitude, and drama free now, but how long will it stay that way once the homos show up? Well, that depends on the kind of homos that show. They’re going to play Cranium, according the part of the poster that’s cut off in the picture, so if you enjoy trivia games, coffee drinks, and booze- and attitude-free homosexuals (and the people who love them), you might want to swing by Wayward Coffee House tonight. (And, hey, report back in the comments if you do decide to attend.)

Gorilla Gay Coffee House @
Wayward Coffee House
Friday Aug 25, 7:30 PM
8570 Greenwood Ave N
(just north of 85th N on east side of street)

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They need to work on their formatting: I totally thought they were advertising an evening of "100% alcohol, attitude, and drama" . . . for free!

You know what there are a lot of in Greenwood for some reason? Puggles. And they are adorable.

They need to work on more than their formatting. The word is "guerilla".

I was wondering what gay ape activities they were planning.

Oh . . . I thought that was just some gay subset with which I was unfamiliar. You know, you got your bears, your gorillas, etc.

Anyway, come for the gay Greenwood gorillas, stay for the puggles.

Gorrilla gay? Sounds like somesort of straight-edge bear splinter group. Refugees from The Eagle perhaps?

So, I guess they need an editor for their flyers.

Still, a great idea. I love the thought of gays invading my neighborhood. Wayward has organic coffee, vegan pastries, and live music tonight.

Hey come on everybody, it's gorilla time! Go gorilla, go go gorilla...

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