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Friday, August 11, 2006

Gays: Costing tourists money

Posted by on August 11 at 13:09 PM

Remember those hot, vaguely illegal Comeback posters Dan slogged about in June? Well they’re still pasted to “Back in Parking Only” signs around the city, even though the party was two months ago.

And now we have hard proof that they’re making slightly oblivious tourists hopping mad. A $38 ticket was handed down right outside the Stranger offices to an innocent kid from Clackamas, OR who parked front-in after mistaking the sign for just another piece of public porn.


Thanks, gays.

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My GOD, the gays were always turd burgling, I know, but now THIS!?

Indeed, why should The Gays hold a monopoly on back-in parking?

I can sympathize. There is nothing more genuinely annoying than to walk up to a bus stop and find that some asshole has either totally destroyed the schedule, or has "tagged" it so severly that you can't tell when the next bus is. You could be stuck there for hours, or it could be coming in the next five minutes.

well, that's what you get for taking the bus, pleb.

But Konstant Konsumer, with the money I save by not buying/maintaining a car, think of all the stuff I can buy!!! Surely you can get with that!

That $350 extra bucks a month (my old car payment plus insurance plus 3 tanks of gas/month) sure comes in handy.

car loans are for plebs. Why didn't you just buy a car that your pleb ass could afford outright instead of saddling yourself with debt? I guees poor people don't mind taking the bus.

"Back-in only" Now THAT is hilarious!

Doink, I got rid of my car, so I guess I de-saddled myself, right? LOL!

I like the bus. It's easy and free, since my company pays for it, and the people are nice. There's nothing to be scared of :-)

I suppose I am poor, but that's OK with me. I'm lucky in that I own my house (parents left it to me. Dead, don't you know), and I don't have any debt, so I don't have to worry about money that much. But it's always nice to have a little extra around, right?

Don't you mean, "thanks, idiot poster-tagger"? It seems the club or whoever they hired to promote this event is guilty, not you fun-lovin' Santorum spreaders.

Next thing you know, this country kid is gonna get jaded, go psycho and kill like 10 people.

Isn't that the pattern?

Well, okay, that's funny and shitty, but I got a parking ticket in Portland because the curbside paint wasn't at all visible, so I was unsure of whether I was parked legally. No signs either. I guess if you're not sure, don't do it. OH, and my ticket was for $40 and the ticket even had Portland's motto, "The City that Works" and obviously someone in the City of Roses wasn't doing their job. I paid up, so, whatever.

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