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Thursday, August 24, 2006

DJ No Name returns to 107.7 The End

Posted by on August 24 at 12:05 PM

They’ve yet to send out the official press release, but it is official—DJ No Name, former morning show host (until the insufferable Adam Carolla show took over), is returning to 107.7 the End as the mid-morning DJ in the 10 am to 2 pm slot. He’ll start Sept 5th. Jim Keller, who’s currently on air at that time, will stay at the station as the Assistant Program Director.

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So, I guess Bob Van Dyne will no longer be at 710 KIRO - too bad, was almost getting to like him...

I used to listen to Bob on KGRG back in the mid-90's, when he was a student DJ at Green River CC. It's cool to hear him in the big time now, like seeing someone from your high school drama club become a movie star.

Thank god No Name is coming back!! I can look forward to countless laughter!

Thank God that Keller is gone! He is so annoying. Carolla and No Name will be a great one two punch!

One two punch are you kidding me? If you listen to Adam Corolla all morning you'll need No Name to pull you back from jamming an f'ing pencil into your ear. Welcome back Bob, there is a God.

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More like a one two punch in the face! Adam Corolla is a bore; he thinks he's funny but he's a total clod. I like Jim Keller, very knowledgeable but bland. I am very glad that DJ No Name is back (and that Jim Keller didn't lose his job).

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