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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Discard Page 18

Posted by on August 10 at 10:40 AM

Please read Dr. Daudi Abe’s colorful history of Seattle hiphop, “Going Way Back,” online. Due to an Exacto-knife mishap, the final few lines of each column were sliced off in the print version. Today you will know me by the trail of my tears.

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This is crazy. A friend of mine just found an Emerald Street Boys 12" in Spokane a few weeks ago, and tracked down one of the members of the group, I'm not sure which one. Neither of us had any idea there was hip hop in Seattle that early on. I thought the name was the Emerald City Boys, though. That would make more sense.

It is "Emerald Street." I fact-checked that piece.

you guys are still using hot wax and knives to put out the paper?

Gluesticks replaced hot wax in 2002.

I like "in the greater der" better.

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