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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Did You See On the Boards’s Marquee Today?

Posted by on August 24 at 18:10 PM

Here’s what it looks like:


What’s that about, you ask? Well, as intrepid Slog readers and P-I reporters can tell you, On the Boards has won the Stranger Genius Award in the organization category this year. (You may recall Brendan Kiley’s profane praise of On the Boards from a couple months ago.) On the Boards got its cake announcing the good news yesterday during a staff meeting and, according to sources, spent the rest of the meeting trying to figure out how they could thank us. They decided to put a message up on their marquee, take a picture of it, and get the picture frosted onto a reciprocal cake. Which was delicious, by the way.

Who are the other four winners? Well, this year we decided to return a little of the fun and mystery to this part of the process, so we didn’t invite the P-I in on the cake delivering. (The recipient in the literature category, a well known writer who lives on Queen Anne, came to his front door disheveled, unshaven, and wearing socks, and sent an email afterward thanking us for not surprising him with a reporter and photographer, which would have exposed him “as the loony psychopath I really am when I’m writing.”)

There are five Genius Awards—organization, literature, film, visual arts, and theater. Each winner receives $5000 and a party in his/her/its honor on Oct. 21.

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That sounds like Jonathan Raban.

of course it was Raban. he was no doubt hung over too.

Okay, so that's two out of five - who are the other three?

Art Radio Seattle has the winners of the Visual Art category

No! It can't be. You can't have given the Literary Award to Jonathan Raban.

Why would anyone give $5K to a well established successful writer to whom the $5K cannot possibly make a difference? There must be hundreds of would be writers in Seattle trying desperately to break out while juggling 2 or 3 shit jobs. Surely you could have located 10 promising local writers for whom $5K would be a godsend.

Say it isn’t so… tell me you guys didn’t give $5K to Raban!

If you mentioned it already, I forgot and I apologize, but where is the Genius Awards party gonna be at this year? I had to regrettably miss the last one and I'd love to go to this year's edition.

Hey Gomez
The event is at the Henry.
Hope you can make it.

Um, Zizek - what's the name of the Award?

No, not: Up-and-coming Award

No, not: Shows Potential Award

No, not: Okay, But Needs Improvement Award

And No, certainly NOT: The Promising Award

It's the freakin' GENIUS AWARD. Which Raban, as much as any writer in this city is.

And yeah, $5K CAN make a difference, even to someone like Raban - what, you think he spends his mornings doing laps in a pool filled with $100 bills like Scrooge McDuck? If that's the case, you don't know much about the book business.

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