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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Dept. of Anthropomorphic Sports Equipment

Posted by on August 8 at 10:43 AM

The front page of the Seattle Gay News that’s sitting around town right now has this awesome headline:


The article doesn’t mention what weapons the baseball bats used. Their hands?

UPDATE: Good readers, I didn’t mean to make light of a gay-bashing by calling attention to the headline and nothing else; I do not condone gay-bashing. The headline just made me think of funny things.

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Gothic homophobic Padres fans?

Hey! It wasn't funny down HERE.

baseball bats would attack with their wings. or their vampire-bat-like fangs.

read this and then make a joke.

The joke isn't about people being attacked, it's about a goofy headline in a paper known for errors and typos.

The SGN headline was extremely confusing. What educated person could understand what they meant? Idiots who can't form a correct sentence should not be putting out a Newspaper. The Stranger is the only Newspaper in town that never makes spelling or grammar errors so the Stranger has a right to laugh about Gay bashing in San Diego. I prefer reading what well educated people write instead of trying to understand what working class idiots are attempting to say.

The Stranger employs "well educated people", since when?

Hey troll, how long have you been doing your hilarious "the Stranger is elitist" posts? It seems like it's been months. It must feel pretty damn good to really shake up the system and subvert the dominant paradigm with anonymous, sarcastic blog comments. You are so hard core it hurts.

Yes,the headline might be confusing to the so hip and so cool - and more correctly should have said - FAG BASHERS USING BATS ATTACK AND INJURE SiX AT SAN DIEGO PRIDE -

Please note the story is exclusive to the SGN, written by a well know national gay jornalist, Rex Wockner, who lives in San Diego. Wockner updated the final story as we went to print on Thursday. Pretty good for a weekly.

By the way, SGN has improved proofing ten fold since the 1980's - and ALL newprint media has errors. Read the Times and PI carefully, quite common.

I am the publisher and senior editor at SGN, and know I post at Slog at my own peril. Oh well .... let the venom flow.

Rex Wockner is indeed a well-respected columnist in the Sandy Eggo GLBT paper ( if anyone is interested.)

There is some news about the attack and the excellent police response in the latest edition.

Freaking oversensitive Slog readers. This was just a illustration of unintentional context via poor editing. The injustice of the beating is a separate issue.

All you really needed was a "WITH" in place of "BY". Do your writers really write their own headlines?

You are correct about the dailies, though. The quality of their headline editing has plummeted in recent years.

It used to drive me nuts when I was copyediting for local papers, because the heads were always written separately. They never showed them to the copy editors, so you got some truly egregious errors in headlines.

So don't blame poor copy editing for headline errors; most of the time, the copy editors never even see the heads.

Hey Guess what? I'm gay, AND I have a sense of humor AND I could see the point of the post AND I think it's funny.

See, I can differentiate between bad (gay bashing using baseball bats) and funny (The idea of inanimate objects suddenly attacking people). I also realize that this sort of idiocy is typical of the POS paper that is "The Seattle Gay News", So all you self-righteous queers and drama dykes need to lighten up.

Nothing brings me more giggles than seeing the pathetic attempts of the uneducated to master the English language. Their risible verbage, questionable grammer, and impossible punctuation are better than any T.V. comedy show. Spelling and grammar errors are the sign of an inferior mind.

I would be amazed to learn that SGN has a copyeditor.

Rex Wockner is a respected journalist. We respect him so much that we've paid him to write for us numerous times. Here are a couple of links...

Sounds a lot like "SUV kills two."

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