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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cute. Not So Cute.

Posted by on August 24 at 11:38 AM

Cute: This is so saccharine, so precious—it’s the kind of thing I would expect emailed from one of my New Testament-quoting, baby-doll-hoarding, Hallmark-card-sending kin from just south of the Mason-Dixon and just right of Pat Buchanan. But I keep watching it. And enjoying it. What the hell is wrong with me? Is it the hangover?

Not so cute, but equally riveting: the new issue of Vice. I know, everybody’s over Vice magazine (because there’s nothing cooler than being too cool for something that’s already too cool for school), but I idly picked up a copy at Bimbo’s the other day, and their first annual story contest is incredible. Not stories as in written, stories as in told to a Sony tape recorder. There’s the one about the young metalheads getting ambushed and dragged into the woods by an army of rednecks. And the one about the man who died twice. And the one about the white hardcore rockers and the black bikers uniting for a night in Camden, New Jersey in 1982. And the one about the Jewish BBC journalist kidnapped in Tehran. And on and on…

(Updated postscript: I have Mr. John O. to thank for the cute-as-a-pile-of-pink-kittens video. He is the arbiter of cute.)

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that video knocks my socks off

The snail video is really damn cute. And I'm normally pretty immune to that, but for some reason this really hit that adorable spot for me. Maybe because it clearly was a real little kid speaking spontaneously and not a coached child actor or CGI-enhanced midget reading lines. I dunno.

And as to the comment about nothing being cooler than being too cool for something: Seems like that's about half the content of Slog comment posting, at least when someone posts a link.
"Oh, I knew about this last month. You guys are so lame."

I vote for some kind of official clarification: If your idea of being cool in any way involves the fact that you surfed to a website before someone else, just check that impulse to brag about it. There is nothing remotely cool about surfing the internet. Sorry!

Wow that snail video was just too adorable. It makes me want to have kids like right now. That's just too powerful.

"And eat BREAKFAST by him!"

I LURVE this ani! Sure, it's saccharin and cute, but it's damned funny too.

I mean, you gotta admit, David's comeback on the "get out of here!" call-and-response is priceless!


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