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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Posted by on August 22 at 13:53 PM

I haven’t much liked the last few Comeback posters, but this one caught my, er, eye.


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gassy... (like you didn't think of it too)


I'll pass ... y

NSFWy... On the front pagey... Gimme a breaky...

R6: Lighten uppie -- we love it.

Oh c'mon, no one else has said:


He caught your eye? Dude looks like he's going to catch himself a little brown eye h;-)

oh come on dan, you didn't like the one that my name was on? so sad...

Disgusting. But sadly typical in our decorum-challenged community.

Yeah. More decorum, less santorum. I want to see posters of piano legs, tastefully draped in chintz. That would be lovely. Perhaps some china teacups.

Sailboats, dog! Watercolor sailboats!

I think it's rather cheeky...


Be grateful. You would never see such lovely images posted around St Louis.

I gotta move to Seattle. At least visit...

Mike, always great to have visitors here in Seattle, but should warn you to be careful as there are many here that chose to be irresponsible and these people are generally not held accountable for their actions - I beleive certain laws are not enforced within our gay community due to the fact that their is a fear of being politically incorrect in a climate of political correctness. Politicians and police will not protect you here out of this fear. In other words, your on your own.

Play Safe. Be Responsible. Be Accountable.

It really cracks me up that these images offend people. I had one of the pornographic Comeback pictures tacked to my bathroom wall (a lovely Joseph Gordon Levitt-looking guy taking a shower with his big erect pener) and a perspective roommate saw it. He said, "that has to come down when my mom helps me move in". He is no longer moving in, I perfer the coziness of comeback art to the obstrusiveness of censors.

Is that hair on his back?


The picture's shading and black/whiteness obscures whether or not the tosser is using jelly or syrup.

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