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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

City Commission To Blast Red-Light District

Posted by on August 23 at 17:53 PM

Tomorrow morning, at the unforgivable hour of 7:30 am, the city’s planning commission will release a report on the mayor’s proposed strip-club district near Georgetown. The report, which the city council will use in making its decision to approve or reject the proposed red-light district, reportedly recommends that the council reject the mayor’s proposal in harsh, unequivocal terms. Council member Peter Steinbrueck requested the report in April, after a public meeting at which citizens overwhelmingly opposed concentrating strip clubs but seemed open to the idea of dispersing them throughout the city.

If you’re up at the crack of dawn with nothing else to do, the commission will meet in the boards and commissions room on level L2 in the basement of city hall. Let me know how it goes.

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someone in the city needs to take a clue from Portland where they have great transportation and lots of strip clubs. Can we get Nickels to take a train down there to check it out? Thank god for Steinbrueck

I predict that the Red Light district will be approved so it can drive away existing residents, but the plan will be declared a failure after there's been just enough time to destroy the neighborhood and force property values so low that Paul Allen can realize his vision of purchasing the whole commercial area with pocket change.

Farmers have done more work by 7:30 AM than you'll do in a week.

That's why no one wants to be a farmer anymore.

same thing in the army, D.

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