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Monday, August 7, 2006

Bubble-gum rape and chicken wings

Posted by on August 7 at 15:57 PM

Okay. This is depressing and I apologize.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A U.S. military court in Baghdad heard graphic testimony on Monday of how three U.S. soldiers took turns raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl before murdering her and her family.

The details of the rape and murders are horrifying and grisly. Adding another heap of creepiness to the trial, however, is the blasé attitude of the defense team and defendants:

Defense Attorney Captain Jimmie Culp was blowing chewing gum bubbles while [Sergeant Anthony] Yribe, sitting to his left, began sucking on a red lollipop during the testimony.

Special Agent Gary Griesmyer recounted [Sergeant Paul] Cortez’ account of the day. “While they were playing cards and drinking Iraqi whiskey, the idea came to go out to an Iraqi house, rape a woman and murder her family,” he testified.

That casual phrasing makes it sound like raping young girls is a minor military blooper instead of the perverted fantasy of monsters. Like one minute they’re innocently playing bridge and drinking their demonic Iraqi whiskey and then oops! they accidently raped and killed a child, gunned down her family, and then lit her body on fire.

[Private Steven] Green said he wanted to go to a house and kill some Iraqis, [Specialist James] Barker wrote in his sworn statement. After the rape and murders, he wrote that he began to grill chicken wings.

Bubble gum, lollipops, and chicken wings? I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around how fucked up all that is.

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Women and Children are collatoral damage as we kill of Islamo-Terrorists. Our islamo-terrorist enemies will use innocent people as human shields that is how sick muslims are. In Lebanon these terrorists move women and children into buildings they know Israel will bomb, just to make Israel look bad. It would not surprise me if the islamo-terrorists used their daughters as bait to force American soldiers to rape them. I'll bet islamo-terrorists killed that family and made it look like Americans did it.

Israel is battling this enemy for America. If women and children are killed or raped, it is probably because islamo-terrorist use them as human shields. American and Israeli soldiers are brave and honest.

Okay, so it's "muslims" who are sick? Are you even aware of what you just posted? Right. All Americans are fucking innocent, brave and honest.
Grow up.

SK, Sarcasm. Look it up.

MFW, the thing w/ Josh's posts is that he is believable. There are people, many people, who have this attitude, who genuinely believe these soldiers are the victims. One could easily say that Bush's entire presidency is an excercise in sarcasm. How fucked up does it have to get before the American people go Mussolini on him? Until I hear it from Josh, I'm taking him at (very, very fucked up) face value.

Time to declare victory and leave.

MFW, is this a time to be sarcastic?
Sensitivity: look it up.

josh's fake rants (i think meant as an unfair lampoon of josh feit for some of his willingness to take israel's self-defense arguments too seriously?) aren't fucking around. it's not about insensitivity. that milder versions of his hateful rants get passed off as common sense even on the stranger's blog seems to me to be the point. either that or he really is completely out of his mind. the plus and minus of anonymous blogging, i guess, is that you never really know...

It just goes to show how desparate we've gotten to get ANYTHING with a pulse in the military. What would previously have been "welfare trash" is still trash - only now it's "cannon fodder"

Much more economical when you think about it.

Israel is fighting for her life and the islamo-terrorists are using women and children as human shields. That is how sick islamo-terrorists are. Israel never does anything wrong, and I doubt that American troups every raped anyone. If women and children are being killed and raped, it's because islamo-terrorists want to make Israel and America look bad and are using their children as rape bait for American soldiers, and as bomb fodder for Israeli bombs.

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