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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blackbird Insists On Being Hottest Men’s Boutique In Town By Hiring Hottest Employees, Models

Posted by on August 22 at 15:31 PM


First of all, who is this hot guy? I went on search of him at Blackbird in Ballard, but instead went home with some amazing fall styles. They’re one of the few stores in Seattle with their finger firmly on the pulse. They make Barney’s look like a Versace boutique in South Beach!

[There you go, IHeartSeattle—an honest-to-God stolen post. And a link to your blog. Knock yourselves out.]

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What about Ian's in Fremont?

Grr. I hate them for making me want to spend money. Must not go to Ballard, must not go to Ballard, wifey will kill you, must ... go to Ballard....


There are cupcakes in Ballard ... they're calling you, Fnarf ...

I wouldn't eat a fucking cupcake if you put a gold coin in it. Gah. Cupcakes. What the hell is wrong with people? Why can you get a fucking CUPCAKE but not a decent bagel? Why does Ballard, now that it's all trendy and shit, have three hot-sugared-milk joints per block but no delis or donut shops or other places where grownups might feel comfortable? Why does everything have to have THEME? Why does everything have to have cutesy dribbled all over it like the creepiest kind of kiddie porn?

Oops. Started to rant a little there.

the other coast cafe makes a damn fine sandwich, and is low on theme. if you haven't tried them, you should.

Can I have your gold coins then?

Hey, almost happy hour at the Blue C - time to get some fine Sushi cheap in Fremont!

The Other Coast is OK, I've eaten there a number of times. Beats Subway or Quiznos, but it is just a sandwich. Now, if they had a grill with Philly- or Boston-style steak sandwiches, sausages, heaps of onions and peppers, maybe some thin, oily pizza slices, fat obnoxious guys in wifebeaters dripping sweat on the grill, then maybe I'd get excited. Or gyros -- where can you get a gyros in downtown Ballard? And made by a Greek or Lebanese guy, not a recent Evergreen grad.

hmm. i don't know about a gyro, but they have some damn fine lefse at the scandinavian shops there.

mmm... lefse...


Have you checked out Tat's Deli down in Pioneer Square for your Philly fix?

No, Pioneer Square is too far. Ballard is just right. I ain't truckin' all the way across the city for a sandwich, especially if I can't park when I get there.

Fnarf, You're a gem. Don't ever change.

The guys who work at Mr. Gyros in Greenwood are HOT.

Back to the subject: In other words, Blackbird only hires young white males, no blacks, latins, or asians?

There are some hot guys working at rainbow grocery these days.

Fnarf, take the bus.

You know you want to.

Only terrorist supporters drive in Seattle.

Not to Pioneer Square, I don't. Driving in Seattle's a piece of cake as long as you don't want to park downtown. People who whine about traffic take the wrong routes, or live too far from work.

no wonder you've already given up on global warming. lazy much? old much?

All I can say is "Bah-Ami."

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