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Friday, August 25, 2006

As the Certain Colleague Who’s Had The Capitol Club Eggplant Sandwiches the Last Two Nights Running…

Posted by on August 25 at 12:23 PM

I must second ECB’s post.

I’m no foodie. In fact, just yesterday Bradley Steinbacher told me I had the worst diet he’d ever seen. I don’t eat breakfast, I snack during the day, and then I usually have a crummy dinner. But I didn’t have a crummy dinner the last two nights running. I had two great dinners. Damn: The new menu at the Capitol Club is fantastic!

Try the calamari appetizer. It used to be limp flavorless nonsense…now, it comes doused in a delicious spicy sauce. Oh, and there are also great empanadas. Try the gorgonzola one. And yes, the eggplant sandwich is divine. I might even go again, tonight!

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Anyone who won't spend $14 for a gorgonzola empanada doesn't know how to live. The food is great! Long live Capital club.

You think that's crummy, you should see my roommate Ackley, Josh. He's a real secret slob if you wanna know the goddamn truth.

did you say 'divine'? holy crap.

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