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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Arts in America: Weekend Edition

Posted by on August 12 at 12:50 PM

Yeah, that Laguna Beach marathon on MTV is reeeeally tempting, I know, but turn it off because there are 8,000 cooler things to do in the city today. Like, Endfest, the South Lake Union Block Party, the Subdued Stringband Jamboree, Vera’s Beat Back Bush screening at the Ethnic Cultural Center, Head Like a Kite headlining at the High Dive, Brian Aneurysm spinning at Krakt at Re-bar, or, as Jen Graves reported in this week’s Stranger Suggests, you could go see Bull at the Howard House.

(ART) Bull is a video in which Austrian artist Hubert Dobler proves that you can’t keep a good motorcycle down. A good motorcycle charges and snorts and revs and roars. His engine is always running, even when he’s tethered to the ceiling of a dusty warehouse and all he can do is thrash about and kick up furious smoke. He demands to be watched. This is not to say that the other art at Howard House—a sculpture show including works by Diem Chau, Jenny Heishman, Sean Johnson, and Jason Wood—should be ignored. Just when you go, don’t miss the Bull in the back room. (Howard House, 604 Second Ave, 256-6399. 10:30 am—5 pm, free.) JEN GRAVES

What more do you want!?

Oh, you should also know that Kayne West is gettin’ hitched, and Disney still plans to distribute Mel Gibson’s upcoming film Apocalypto despite the fact he’s an utterly embarrassing and drunken jackass.

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Mel Gibson must have his career ruined for hate crimes. Anyone who says Israel causes wars is anti-semitic. We must not allow any film maker or performer in America to say anything against Israel or the Jewish people. Anti-semitism is everywhere and must be stamped out.

Little known fact: Apparently the term "sugar tits" is derived from the ancient Mayan word "Qutzotl". The word literally translates to "honey bosoms" and was a respectful compliment of a woman's fertility. Mel Gibson picked up the phrase while on the set of Apocalypto and has been using it since.

Like all Christians, Mel Gibson goes around calling women "sugar tits", and oppresses the Jewish people. Mel Gibson should be run out of Hollywood and all copies of his Jesus movie should be burned. Mel Gibson and all Christians should have their careers ruined if they say anything bad about anyone Jewish.

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