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Friday, August 11, 2006

Arts in America: A Team Effort

Posted by on August 11 at 11:16 AM

Today’s installment of Arts in America is brought to you by Megan Seling and Jen Graves.

Mike Douglas is dead at 81.

Dictionaries are cool, but this Visual Dictionary is even cooler.

Hillary Clinton has boobs, and you can see them.

Seeing theater can be fun, but seeing it with the Ideal Audience Member is even more fun.

Speaking of theater, New York’s Fringe Festival is no longer fringe.

And finally, Hannah Levin suggests that Grand Champeen should not be missed.

Grand Champeen
(MUSIC) Live-rock truism #32: You can judge the impact of a performance by watching the exiting audience. Grand Champeen (arguable heirs to the legacies of Superchunk and the Replacements) played the Tractor a couple of years ago, and I was dumb enough to show up just as they were finishing. It was apparent by all the incredulous head shaking and wide-eyed raving that I had seriously missed out. Don’t make the same mistake. (Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave, 784-4880. 9 pm, $8 adv/$10 DOS, 21+.) HANNAH LEVIN

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Mike Douglas: sixties icon. You can throw your Joplins and Morrisons down a well for all I care: gimme Mike and John and Yoko cohosting any time.

Not really a visual dictionary, more like a catalogue.

My mom wouldn't go a day without watching Mike Douglas, if she could help it.

I used the random feature three times with the Visual Dictionary and got "Sweat Big Time".
Must be time for excercise.

The visual dictionary _is_ cool, but it needs a much better browsing interface. Slow slow slow.

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