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Monday, August 7, 2006

Arts in America

Posted by on August 7 at 15:35 PM

In the Wait, What Year Is This? File: Madonna Ticks Off Pope. (Real story: She couldn’t dress better than that for her own crucifixion?)

As Far As Fine Arts on TV, Project Runway Will Have to Do.

The Manifesto Against Ballet.

Afghans Watch Their First Movie, About the Destruction of Their Own Buddhas. (Great read.)

Because you have already seen a movie, you do not like ballet anyway, there is nothing to watch on television, and your interest in Madonna ended years ago, do this:

Seattle Spelling Bee (GRUDGE MATCH) In this corner: Andrew Bleeker, youngish, bespectacled Stranger intern who almost won the last Seattle Spelling Bee. In that corner: his nemesis, Randy Hilfman, a middle-aged Eddie Bauer copyeditor and bee champion whose orthographical prowess suggests a dark deal with the devil. In the crowd: you, drinking, tense; the suspense is killing. In the shadows: me, lurking, waiting for an opportunity to slip Randy a roofie. (Re-bar, 1114 Howell St, 233-9873. 8 pm, $5, 21+.) BRENDAN KILEY

And here are a couple of celebs from a Modern Renaissance Photoshop contest over at



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Re: Renaissance Photoshop: Wow!

Willie looks awesome, Nicole looks sweet, and Lindsay Lohan makes a great ferret...

That's an ermine.

Oh, it's an ermine?

That changes everything...Lindsay Lohan makes a totally sucky ermine.

well, the painting is really old

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