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Thursday, August 24, 2006

And Now… France.

Posted by on August 24 at 9:41 AM

One day we’re going to look back on the time when we allowed people to smoke in enclosed public spaces and wonder what the fuck we were thinking. From today’s New York Times:

France is preparing to ban smoking in restaurants, bars, cafes other public areas starting next year, the newspaper Le Figaro reported, citing the health minister, Xavier Bertrand.

The ban would come into effect in January. “That’s going to happen,” Mr. Bertrand was quoted as saying.

Ah, great news. I love Paris, but man I hate the fucking smoke. Unfortunately the French smoking ban has a loophole you could drive a cancer ward through…

The newspaper said the government was planning a decree rather than legislation that would have to go through Parliament, but would make exceptions for bars that sold cigarettes and for casinos and nightclubs.

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I predict lots of bars that suddenly sell cigarettes or have a lone video slot machine in the corner.

And I hate the smoky bars in Paris too. It's not the bars, it's the smoke. It's permeated my leather jacket to the point where people in Seattle think I'm a smoker when I wear it here.


Quick tip to get rid of that nasty cigarette smoke. Put your leather jacket inside a large plastic garbage bag, along with one apple (any variety) sliced into five or six wedges, and about a cup of ground coffee. Seal the bag and hang it in a cool dry place for three or four days. If the smell is really bad, and has been there for a long time, you might up the quantities of each, and leave the bag sealed for as long as a week.

In any case, when you remove the jacket, it won't smell like stinky cigarette smoke anymore.

This REALLY works!

I too don't am no fan of the smoke filled restaurant or bar but I really preferred the days when I could choose to go into a smoky bar or go to bar voluntarily didn't allow smoking. What I hate even more is having to walk through the wall smoke whenever I walk outside- I would much rather there be a smoking room.

However, the real loss that no one ever seems to recognize is this: the one hitter. The smoky bar was the perfect place to toke on the one hitter, blending in with my drunk tobacco loving friends. I have to sit in my car like some sort of criminal.

What about David Sedaris? He moved to France for the smoking.

too fucking bad, dan!

Comte - mmm, I love the smell of rotting apples and molding coffee grounds!

GDC -AMEN! What are we going to do now? It's not bad enough that weed is illegal. but now we can't even smoke it in bars?

Seriously Dan, widespread cancer is a small price to pay for a little reprieve for us...

If you want to smoke it in bars, go to Vancouver BC.

I just found some other burners are Cap College grads like me, and lived in East Van too.

Now, you're in WA, and Seattle. That means just smoke your weed on your front porch and mellow out.

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