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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Trees, Bolivia

Posted by on July 1 at 16:29 PM

Even though both of my parents have aged into Republicans, I was raised as a Democrat. (Now there’s a mind game.) When Dukakis and Bush were debating on TV in 1988, my mother explained that the reason to vote Democratic was “because Democrats care about poor people.” (Her political party of choice changed when she became a born-again Christian.) The reason I like reading about the president of Bolivia is because I was taught to admire the attitude he has toward those people at the bottom of the economy. I also think Bolivia is a beautiful word. I have been sitting in Vivace, with its huge windows looking into huge trees, reading about “a country that’s seen 189 coups d’etat since 1825.”

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You should listen to your parents more often...

"A young person who is a republican has no heart, an old person who is a democrat has no brain."

I have 6 years left before I have to move to the suburbs, take Christ as my savior, decide I'm 16th Cherokee and vote Republican.

It's just a rule. We all know it is.

I have been to Bolivia a couple of times. It is a beautiful country. I would recommend seeing the movie Sexual Dependency by Bolivian director Rodrigo Bellott.

I'm so sorry to hear about your parents! Perhaps they'll come around in time.

It's too bad when nice normal people have deeply hidden character flaws that cause them to be "born again"

The Republican part I can kind of understand - people get cranky and weird as they get older, and that is the Republican market segment - but there's no explaining the born again defficiency.

There is ONE Republican in my entire family. She also happens to be a born-again Christian. We keep her locked in a broom cupboard when company comes over.

My grandparents are Democrats and they protest and take part in the world around them and try to make a difference.

We don't have to stop caring about the welfare of others just because we "grow up". That's not growing up, it's just getting lazy.

Well, hell. I sent this email to "" and I got a ton of emails back from all your internal addresses saying delivery failed to all. Here's what I sent:


Cruising CL M4M ads looking for pictures to jerk off to tonight before
bed (read: don't "hat tip" me), I came across this alarming posting
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Hopefully it's just a prank or some guy who got sick of his roommate
and didn't know how to break it off, but if it's more sinister
hopefully you can get the word out. I have no connection to this CL

Jenny, I didn't mean to imply that Republicanism is a natural by-product of age. Far from it. My mother is an 81 year old Irish Catholic Rooseveltian Democrat who was one of the first people in her small Iowa town (in Steve King's district) to speak out against the war.

She also manages to be both pro-life and resolutely pro-choice, but that's too complicated to explain right now.

So Republicanism amongst the old is sort of like Alhzeimers. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it's sad to see it happen to anyone. Particularly since - as mom likes to point out - members of the "greatest generation", and their offspring, benifitted mightily from big government and organized labor. It's most ungracious of them to shill for the cons.

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