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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

American Hunger

Posted by on July 4 at 16:21 PM

A few minutes ago, this came up from the loud mouth of the man who lives in the apartment directly beneath mine: “Just plain old meat and bread, don’t even put no cheese on it. I know your ass now; you just want to argue. Meat and bread—that’s all. I don’t want to argue.”

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what can i say? the bitch is always trying to put cheese on my goddam sandwich. christ on a crutch, charles, surely you can understand my frustration!

Killer set up by Charles, smashed out of the park by WAGS.

Slog on, America!

this would be even better if he were speaking to himself.

Slog on, America!

an aprpopos rallying cry if I ever heard one!

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