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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Suggests Sellout

Posted by on July 2 at 16:23 PM

For tonight, I suggested this:

“Awesome” (JOIE DE VIVRE) Back before Delaware at Re-bar and noSIGNAL at On the Boards, “Awesome” used to play straight-ahead concertsor the closest thing to straight-ahead concerts as the theatrical-minded musicians could manage. Tonight the band returns to its roots, with musical saws, comedy, performance art, a clutch of surprise guests, and, of course, songs about robot ghosts, drowned men, bullhorns, birds, and bees. (Open Circle Theater, 429 Boren Ave N, 382-4250. 8 pm, $10.) BRENDAN KILEY

But tonight is sold the fuck out so the band has added another show at Open Circle this Monday.

Now please enjoy this photo of a lascivious door knocker.