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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

More Sun Country Madness

Posted by on July 5 at 15:13 PM

Last week I posted about Sun Country airline’s mysterious passenger safety pamphlet, which features what looks like a drawing of Willy Wonka about to de-plane down the passenger slide.


Then, this past Monday, Dan Savage (who just took his own trip on Sun Country) pointed out that I’d somehow missed another curious addition to the airline’s pamphlet:


Again: WTF? Willy Wonka and a ballerina on the same flight? Are they in cahoots? Is it some sort of devious (and costumed) hijacking plot? Or is it just a coincidence?

And just how are those “brace positions” supposed to save you when the plane flies cockpit-first into a mountain?

So many questions…

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Actually, I've seen this on other airlines too. I think it's for small jets.

They decided people were too scared, perhaps, and tried to inject some humor?

Although I have flown next to a clown and a juggler once.

These KILL me! Hilarious!

I doubt the airline would do this on purpose. Can someone call them?

oh, and you survive a plane crash head first into a mountain the same way you survive a car going headfirst into a mountain.

Several years ago, I talked to the head of a small design agency in the Olympia area that had an idea to pitch airlines on the idea of new safety card graphics incorporating various public domain celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein taking part in plane evacuations and so on, I think in an attempt to get people to pay more attention to the graphics on the card...

it also looks like, in that first photo, that you can't have cigarettes, or lit blunts, but until joints are okay.

Well after reading the first post on this I went to, and one of thier cartoons has a style very similar to that of Sun Country's... and is featuring a cowboy. In chaps.

Definitely on purpose.

Sun Country graphic designer's idea of humor...

They could be watermarks. Mapmakers insert fictional streets or features on their maps to ensure that if they are ripped off they can trace the copyright violation. These are a little more obvious but could serve the same purpose.

I just flew JetBlue, and had to look at the emergency cartoons, just to see if there were any hidden funnies. There weren't, but the illustrations were identical to the ones shown here, just minus the funny bits.


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