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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

HUMP Dilemma

Posted by on July 11 at 10:10 AM


One of last year’s prize-winning filmmakers has a question for HUMP’s Steering Committee…

I had a blast fucking a canteloupe last year! The whole contest was super fun and I am really excited to film something again this year. However, I have a question about the rules of the contest and whether my (very tasteful) idea will be OK. Here’s a description of the part that I a looking for a ruling on:

What if the film opened with a (fully clothed) man and an animal interacting completely non sexually. Just normal scene estabishing stuff. Then, we transition to a dream sequence of the same man and another person in a furry animal suit, having sex. No real animal is present during the sex. Would this be OK?

After careful deliberations the HUMP Steering Committee has decided that the use of an animal in your proposed HUMP entry passes the butt-sniff test. You may proceed to film the proposed scenes, as described. While the HUMP rules do state “no poop, no kids, no animals,ā€¯ so long as your film includes no scenes of bestiality, you’re in.

The same does not apply, however, to children or poop—they may not appear in HUMP entries even as “scene establishingā€¯ as props, in dreams, etc. So any filmmakers thinking about setting their HUMP entries in, say, a fourth grade classroom (teacher comes on to harried mom and dad at parent-teacher conference), or a sewage treatment plant (eww), are encouraged to think again. No children, no poop. No animals `cept in pre-getting-it-on establishing shots.

The HUMP Steering Committee has spoken!

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I'm excited for this great event. Can you tell me when and where I can buy tickets? Thanks.

what about chocolate on a hot dog? that's not poop, that's not supposed to be poop. somebody might construe it as poop for a split second but they'll get the gag before any real grossness would set in.

way say you?

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fake rolex is completely right, Bequemlichtkeit indeed

That would actually roll along the same lines of interacting with children on a playground in the first scene that would then transition to a dream sequence of a guy topping a gal of legal age in pigtails wearing a Strawberry Shortcake shirt hiked up over her pink nubbers ending off with a butt-tug and shot to the mug resulting in an irritated eyeball and an oh-so-gooey chin-swinger. It's all kinky any way you slice the pie, but it's all the same in the end once that line gets crossed. Why not go the distance and end the scene pulling an unwrapped Baby Ruth bar from her bunched-up undies and taking a big satisfying bite off of it?

How about a reply from somebody who actually works at the stranger and not a retarded jerkoff trying to be a comedian?

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