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Monday, July 3, 2006

Corey Pearlstein Responds

Posted by on July 3 at 15:12 PM

… to this story, the ConWorks move, his role as artistic director, etc.:

We want to do the closeout here, figure out what to sell, what to store, do right by our tenants, and throw a really good wake. Not a wake for ConWorks, but a wake for this venue. Then we’ll step back and ask all the questions—what are all the human resources, the physical, technical, creative stuff that is requisite for the thing we want to do. Do we, for example, need a visual arts curator for doing the kind of thing we were trying to do? Maybe ConWorks should be a postdisciplinary space instead of this multi-pronged thing. Could ConWorks live conceptually online, say?

It sounds like anything could happen—a change in mission, closing up shop, finding another venue, staying homeless. Pearlstein said that announcing that ConWorks is moving and uncertain has been a relief: “And I hope people don’t take away a sense of discouragement or an idea of what you can’t do with art in Seattle—we were just changing the tires on a moving car from the day I got here.”

“And if you write anything about this conversation,” he said, “send out a profound fucking thank you to Seattle—there has been so much energy and goodwill and people have just been amazing.”

More from Corey and the folks in and around ConWorks in the next issue…

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They should have the guts to just close it and not pretend that it has any future. Everybody knows that the thing is dead let it die with dignity.

I somehow missed the online article - was interested in it but stopped reading once Richter was quoted. I was pissed with his dismissal and am not convinced that Pearlstein has the artistic vision and ambition to take ConWorks where it needs to go (literally and figuratively), but Matt Richter lost a lot of credibility with me with his article on nonprofits. He's still too close to what happened to him and too (understandably) angry about it to have any kind of objectivity on the matter.

I think there is still a huge need for ConWorks in Seattle. I'd be disappointed if they went the New City Theatre route (i.e. went homeless), but I'll reserve judgment until we see what happens. but if they decide to fold, I hope another organization rises from the ashes. Perhaps headed by Matthew Richter in a blaze of vindication...

I wonder when Pearlstein is going to leave, or the board fires him.

i was such an idiot to waste my money by becoming a member. "a postdisciplinary space"?...

The recent politic efforts of the arts administrating retards in this town with the local press are fucking laughable.

When non-artist admins (a host of them "hosting" newer Seattle spaces...) try to make like they speak to a "community" at large???

Man, it's sad.

Ya gotta work at art to be an artist, right?

Just fucking get out of the way and let the ART keep on as it always does...

without you. without your money. without your board.

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