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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Be Movie Extra, Share Screen With Long Duk Dong

Posted by on July 6 at 17:16 PM

Yes, you.


OK, to tell the truth, even if you show up at the Capitol Hill bar Barca at 11 am on Tuesday (July 11) to be an extra, you will not get to meet Gedde Watanabe, the now 51-year-old Utah native who was so ridiculously abused in the movie Sixteen Candles, but you will be in the same film with him. The movie is a short feature comedy called Fortune Hunters, by Seattle writers/filmmakers Thom Harp and Mike “I’m-A-Hall-and-Oates-Man” Standish.

I kid because I love. Standish is a friend of mine. Unfortunately for him, the Hall and Oates love is no joke. It extends also to Huey Lewis & the News. But his film has gotten support from just about every corner, including city and county grants and sponsorship help from the Northwest Film Forum. The script was a finalist in both the Independent Feature Project’s Spotlight Award and ITVS Open Call. The oldest family-operated fortune cookie factory in Seattle is involved—for real.

And have we mentioned Gedde Watanabe is starring? With him are Kelvin Yu (The Shield, Las Vegas, Gilmore Girls), and Jessica Skerritt (Driver’s Ed).

If you want to take part, all you do is show up at Barca, 1510 11th Ave, at 11 am on Tuesday. They need people between noon and 5. People who can be there the whole time will be in the front of the scene, and people who have to duck in and out will be in the back.

Neat-o tidbit about Watanabe, from IMDB: “In his audition for the film Sixteen Candles, he went through the entire process pretending he did not speak any English, imitating a Korean friend. After he was finished, he eloquently thanked the casting director in perfect English. He was soon cast.”

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Hall and Oates had soul.

It wasn't just soul. It was rock 'n' soul.

But Huey Lewis and his forehead got nothing, nothing at all. Beyond the pale. Worst rock band of all time?

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