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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

American Icons I Can Get Behind

Posted by on July 4 at 10:00 AM

Sexy muscle cars such as this ‘72 Chevelle:


Foxy, funny ladies such as Amy Sedaris:


Kosher hot dogs from Hebrew National:


And of course, the man who refused to let Ronald Reagan co-opt his song:


I’m sure our ever-opinionated Slog readers have a few of their own—do tell.

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That Chevelle's a greasel or some converted hybrid, right?

Can't say fer sure, found it on Auto Trader, so I suppose they could be lying. Sure is purty, though.

Ha! I'm just stirring up trouble.

I'd be a vegetarian if it weren't for Carne Asada from the Taco Truck.

I'd be 100% environmentalist if it weren't for Hot Rods and I'd definitely join PETA if I didn't look so damned fly in a pair of gators.

These are the conflicts I am saddled with.

why that's the purtiest picture of amy sedaris I've ever laid eyes on ... sigh.

American Icons I can Get Behind:

The Onion
1964 Civil Rights Act
Talking Heads
Garage Sales
Grilled Cheese
Neil Diamond
Kristi Yamaguchi
Ritz Crackers

Oh yeah, Kurt Vonnegut!

Red '72 convertible Olds Cutlass - 350 Rocket, stock rims and ready to roll!

The Rueben Sangwidch! (sp?)

Who the F is Amy Sedaris?

American Icons I can abide:

Secular government
Emma Goldman
Henry James
National parkland
Chewing gum
The Anarchist Cookbook
Huckleberry Finn
Morton Feldman
The moose
The great horned owl
Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness
The Workingman's Special (Beer & a shot)
Allen Ginsberg
Bob Dylan

I don't know, Amy Sedaris does it for me.

If you need more, you have problems.

Anyone have a link about the springsteen/reagan connection? Its not mentioned in the wikipedia entry

I'm sorry, is that Sarah Jessica Parker up there with them hot dogs?

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