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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Adding Insult to Emmy

Posted by on July 6 at 10:39 AM

This morning brought the announcement of the 2006 Emmy nominations, and you are forgiven if you don’t give a shit. (Desperate Housewives is up for best hairstyling!)

However, there are a couple distinct delights among the nominees, one personal—a “Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy” nod for My Name is Earl’s Jaime Pressly, who cracks my shit up like no other woman on TV—and one political: a “Best Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)” nod for the Tom Cruise-roasting, Scientology-bashing South Park episode “Trapped in the Closet.”

Culture buffs will remember this South Park episode for unleashing a shitstorm of controversy, allegedly driving offended Scientologist Isaac Hayes from the cast, and allegedly inspiring Tom Cruise to demand the show never be aired again. (Cruise denies playing a part in the fracas, but the show was indeed yanked from Comedy Central’s roster of re-runnable programs.)

And now the good folks of Academy of Television Arts & Sciences are celebrating the episode as an exemplary bit of television. Was the nomination motivated by the Academy’s love of prickly satire, hatred of Tom Cruise, or both? Who knows, but you can download and view the whole “Trapped in the Closet” episode here, and watch the 58th annual Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast on August 27.

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Face it, Grey's Anatomy will sweep the Emmy's. With a few 24 placings to keep all you non-GA fans at bay.

It's hot, it's Seattle, and edgy urban comedy like you propose is usually frowned upon by the Emmy crowd. Count your blessings.

I think a nomination that flies directly in the face of "the most powerful man in Hollywood" is a pretty incredible thing to do. Bravo. I don't care if it wins. Just knowing that it got this recognition even though their will surely be retribution is amazing and wonderful.

I'm bummed out that Enrico Colantoni did not get a nomination for best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role as Keith Mars on Veronica Mars. Kirsten Bell is great as the lead, but Colantoni's performance and the relationship between the two characters really elevates this show.

Yay for Chandra Wilson, though! I think the Emmy-GA love is a little overboard, but Bailey rocks and I hope she wins.

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