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Monday, June 19, 2006

Who Feels the 43rd Should Go to a Gay Candidate?

Posted by on June 19 at 10:21 AM

This morning the Seattle Times reports that “some people” feel voters in Seattle’s 43rd district should elect a gay person as the replacement for State Representative Ed Murray, who’s making a run for the state senate. Who are these people? A lot of them are gay, which makes a certain tribal sense.

But here’s something interesting: According to a Slog tipster, the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Commission, a gay group that does election endorsements, will announce its candidate ratings this afternoon, and on a scale of 1 to 5, it’s not just Jamie Pedersen, the sole gay candidate in the 43rd, who’s getting a 5 (the highest SEAMEC score). Lynne Dodson is also getting a 5 from the group, according to this tipster, who forwarded me the following SEAMAC email to back up the claim:


Subject: [seamec-sc] This evening’s ratings

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:50:22 -0700

Hello all,

Here is a recap of this evening’s ratings. All ratings have been adjusted based on SC decision to rate on median as opposed to average interview scores.

43rd House

* Lynne Dodson AAABB 5 (Endorsed)
* Dick Kelley AAABA 4
* Linde Knighton (postponed until general election - this information will not appear on ratings sheet/ad, but candidate will be notified)
* Jamie Pedersen AABAA 5 (Endorsed)
* Stephanie Pure ABBBB 3
* Bill Sherman AAAAA 3
* Jim Street AAAAA 3

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So, what does a 3 or a 4 mean?

oh, I ask, because I notice two candidates rated AAAAA or AAABA and yet they're a 3.

Does that mean they're not gay themselves? Or married to a straight person?

i think that it would be a mistake to place someone in office simply because of their record on gay issues. as a gay individual myself, i believe that we would be short-suiting ourselves to vote for pedersen. almost all of the candidates would vote identically to pedersen on gay issues and i agree with dan's earlier comments that having heterosexual legislators stand up and vote identical to homosexual ones is way more powerful. everyone expects a gay legislator to be pro-gay rights. its the forward-thinking straight ones that will bridge gaps and help make sure that we have a pro-gay rights voting majority in the legislature, regardless of their personal orientations. plus, there are a lot of other important issues, too.

I don't really think it matters who gets elected to this district, as all the candidates are similarly liberal. What I do wonder, though, is why Dodson is putting up her "send a teacher to Olympai" signs in MY district, which is not the 43rd.

Send a teacher to Olympai?!!

Apparently, she spelling and civics are not her main focus. ;)

SEAMEC's ratings mean a couple of things. The 1-5 rating have to do with how highly recommended the candidate is, based on their interview responses, past history, electability, predicted behavior if elected, etc. The A-F ratings are basically how the interview panel rated the candidate's awareness of and sensitivity to issues affecting the gay community.

You don't have to BE gay to get straight A's across the board - I did, when I ran, and I'm bisexual, not gay - and you can get straight A's and still not get a 5 (most highly recommended), depending on how they think you'll perform in office. In my case, I was rated a 4, mostly because I had no prior experience in elective office.

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