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Monday, June 19, 2006

What Not to do Tonight

Posted by on June 19 at 14:35 PM

jack black nacho.jpg

I’m writing this not so much as a critical slam, but as a public service announcement to my fellow Jack Black fans. Do not waste your time or money on Nacho Libre. It took two hours (o.k. ninety minutes, but it felt much, much longer) of my life this weekend, and I can never get that back. Unfunny, plotless, and an utter waste of time. I never would have expected something this astonishingly lame from the writer of Chuck and Buck and School of Rock, let alone the director of Napoleon Dynamite. I wish I had read this review first. Or this one.

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instead of this one? that's flippin crazy.

well, why not go see An Inconvenient Truth instead?

Will--That was my vote, actually, but I was overruled by my date. It has been agreed that I pick the movie next time.

Al Gore's treehuggers or Jack Black in tights? F-n-A, there has be another way.

I liked it. And thought it was WAY better than Napoleon Dynamite.

Well, my stepsons liked it, which is usually enough to keep me FAR FAR AWAY from it forever. Their taste in movies is essentially putrid.

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