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Monday, June 26, 2006

“Watch this Right Now”

Posted by on June 26 at 16:12 PM

That’s the name of Fox’s new pilot, which is reportedly a “terrible rip off of Daily Show.”

It’s set to be hosted by conservative political commentator Laura Ingraham, who cannot have a hope in hell of rivaling Jon Stewart as far as hilarity, handsomeness, or magical specialness goes (because everyone knows Jon Stewart rides to work on a unicorn made of kittens).

I can’t wait to watch this not be funny.

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I thought you meant the Fox broadcast channel, the one with the Simpsons and all. Then I followed the link, and realized that it's Fox NEWS that's doing this. For a channel that is... okay, that at least says it is a real news channel to do a fake news show - that's interesting. I remember Jon Stewart once having some guest who was a journalist accuse him of biased reporting, and Stewart responded, "Here's the thing - I'M A COMEDIAN!!!" Is Laura Ingraham a journalist or a comedian on Fox News? Does being on (ostensibly) a news channel give her a greater responsibility for objectivity? Will it be that much worse when this fails utterly?

I also wonder if this will work, if only because of the vacuum of anything like the Daily Show to appease conservatives. Actually, I suppose they already have AM radio. I take that back. A lot of conservative commentators are already parodies of themselves.

Funny, I thought the whole point of the Fox News channel was comedy.

Oh, no, HIJCACKED, Fox News is not comedy. It is much, much too depressing to be considered comedy.

I think Dennis Miller tried this a decade ago. It's over, done. Old news.

Gomez beat me to it... I was wondering why they didn't try this with Dennis Miller who is soooooo damned proud he voted for Bush. The Daily Show is smart-funny, and consetrvatives aren't smart, so this won't work. When it comes to making funny the inbreds should stick to "git her done!" and leave intelligent comedy to their more evolved rivals.

What these dimwits don't seem to comprehend is that the whole point of satire is for the less powerful to satirize those in power. When it's the other way around - when the powerful poke fun at the powerless - it is not only not funny, it is, as Molly Ivins said, profoundly vulgar.

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