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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ummm… WHAT?!

Posted by on June 20 at 10:16 AM


Kevin Federline has a new cause: saving the penny. Britney Spears’ hubby, along with Virgin Records chairman Richard Branson and director Matthew Eggers will “unite to reinvigorate the purpose of the penny in face of its possible legislative elimination,” according to an announcement. The three will appear in Times Square at mid-day on Wednesday and be among the first to “to sign the `Save the Penny’ petition to be presented to lawmakers in Washington D.C.” They’ll also be donating pennies to charity.

Can someone please give this idiot a job?!?


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He should be stoned to death. With pennies. (or rocks, if pennies take too long or our arms get tired)

man, i wish i would have been present at THAT marketing meeting. britney & kevin could possiby have the worst handlers and publicists in the history of show biz.

which they totally deserve but, still.

And after KFed's dead, Brit could produce a commemorative album. Everyone would buy it. Because they pity her.

Someone offered him a penny for his thoughts, and since he hadn't any, he collected without having to deliver, so he sees a new function for pennies...

He's going to have to save his fucking pennies after he gets kicked to the curb.

I'm sure there must be some tall buildings right near where they'll be appearing tomorrow afternoon. I recommend some brave New Yorkers gather and drop pennies at them from on high and let gravity do the rest - it would require much less work than a stoning.

1. Ditch the penny.
2. Ditch the nickel (why not make it easy and round to 10)
3. Dollar bill should be a coin.
4. Two dollar bill should be a coin.

While I lived in New Zealand (and Australia for that matter) we rounded to the 5c piece (and now they're gonna do it to 10c) I say lets round to the dime and use our loose change... it really does make a difference.

As for Kevin Federline, he's an idiot. My only explanation is that he and Richard Branson are mud wrestling for some camera time.

i like pennies.

but a petition?

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