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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The War is Over Pt. 2

Posted by on June 28 at 10:55 AM

While the NYT is busy flagging Cantwell’s reelection bid against Republican challenger Mike McGavick as a “difficult” race, the signs that dissension within Cantwell’s own party—once thought to be a factor—seem to be petering out.

Last night, after debating whether or not to withhold an early endorsement of the D incumbent as a way to keep the pressure on—to get her to change her position on the war, the King County Democrats voted resoundingly—Cantwell needed a 2/3 vote for the early endorsement—to give her the nod. The vote (from lefty King County) was 35-9 according to delegates who were at the vote at the Renton Union Hall last night.

Typically, the KC Ds don’t endorse until late in the summer, after all the local districts have endorsed.

“We wanted to show our full support for our incumbent senator, she’s out there working for us everyday,” says Susan Sheary, chair of the KC Dems.

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I predict the same thing will happen in the largest Dem districts, like the 43rd and 36th.

Dems don't eat their own.

I'm surprised that anyone ever thought that issues had anything to do with Cantwell's support of the war. Courting Boeing is a big part of what she is about, and Boeing makes a lot of systems for military aviation.
Face it, you live in a region where a large part of the local economy depends on there being an industry designed for blowing up civilians and civilian infrastructure from the air.

The 47th LD already endorsed her as well.

You forgot to mention that this was the 4th time that the King County Dems tried for the early endorsement. The first 3 times failed because -um- she hadn't requested an endorsement, and other things that most candidates think to do before expecting endorsement.

Between machinations by the KC Dems' leadership to stifle the voices of other candidates who are challenging Cantwell from the left and anti-war flank, and the repeated procedural games to get this through, it was a done deal.

It is an insult to those who serve and those who protest to imagine that The War is Over. Last I heard, people are still dying, our Treasury is being raided, and our infrastructure is crumbling.

But at least Cantwell got an endorsement on the 4th try.

Yes, her name's been proposed by various members of the e'board for endorsement before this, but they were always rebuffed, as it was not yet time for early endorsements, and the candidate questionnaires for this year hadn't yet been generated.

Just because board members try to sidestep the normal process out of enthusiasm, that's not indicative of some sort of conflict within the members. It happens at EVERY level - someone proposes an early endorsement of a candidate in May, before the candidate's even officially filed, the parliamentary types point out that endorsement motions are not yet in order, and it gets dropped until the next meeting. That doesn't mean anything nefarious or controversial is going on, it means not everyone understands the process.

Boeing isn't a Seattle company anymore, in case you haven't noticed. The work they still do here is Commercial Air for the most part. You must be thinking of Dick Durbin or Barack Obama.

Damn the grassroots in King County for endorsing a progressive Democrat!

Don't they know *real* liberals support libertarians?

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