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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Stranger Suggests…

Posted by on June 30 at 15:03 PM


If he wasn’t in Austin doing Showgirls, this is where David Schmader would be tonight:

Iron Composer 13 (SACRÉ BLEU!) America’s favorite alcohol-soaked songwriting competition returns with an all-star cast. The battling composers: SNL kook and <>former Blue Man Fred Armisen versus Martin Crandall and Dave Hernandez of the Shins. The celebrity judges: alterna-comics David Cross, Todd Barry, and Jon Benjamin. The winner: the Vera Project, for which the whole shebang—including opening act Pleaseeasaur— is a benefit. (The Showbox, 1426 First Ave, 628-3151. Doors at 8 pm, show at 9 pm, $25.) DAVID SCHMADER

Both Brad Steinbacher and I suggest showing up early for Pleaseeasaur (pictured above).

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oh cool. what day is it?


Sold out?

Amazingly, no, it isn't sold out.

Is he dressed as the ice monster from the Empire Strikes Back? Cool!

pleaseeasaur was the highlight of the night!

this show was totally lame. never cared for pleaseeasaur--just don't get his shtick. but i had high hopes for iron composer since i've heard so many great things from others, especially from stranger writers. the bottom line is that i went to support the vera project, so the $50 plus fees from the ticket place (for two tix) went to a good cause. but really folks, what the hell is up with people raving about iron composer??????? they started off with an aids joke and it just went down hill from there. i and the two people i brought with me to the show left after about 20 minutes shaking our heads. so i wanna know a) did the show get any better? b) was that a typical iron composer show? c) if you liked the show, please explain why, i'd be curious to know.

I second that. Terrible, terrible show. I hope the comedians they brought in to judge the show weren't alienated to the point of never returning to Seattle. Todd Barry looked apalled throughout the entire show. What an f'ing trainwreck.

Boy oh boy, you guys must be hard to please. I thought the Iron Composer/Pleaseeasaur show was great! I can objectively see why some folks don't GET Pleaseeasaur. But I (and seemingly the rest of the 800 or so attendees) totally love(d) it! Because it IS hysterical.
As for Iron Composer, while it was an entertaining show, I really don't think a venue as large as the Showbox is the proper arena. Too many people could not see the action...which seems to be the most important part. Though the judges seemed to be having a great time, and if you know anything about Todd Barry, he always looks appalled. So please lighten up. Either TRY to enjoy it, or do us all a favor and don't attend next time. No Prob Limo Forever!!!

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