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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Putin Pucker

Posted by on June 28 at 14:35 PM


Yes! That is Vladimir The-KGB-Agent-With-a-Heart-of-Gold Putin rubbing his world-historical face in a little kid’s stomach. I love the shocked and slightly disgusted looks on the other kids’ faces. And the youngster with the baseball cap, scratching his head with an that embarrassed aw-shucks expression slays me.

(Check this site for a video in Windows or RealPlayer. I’m holding my breath for the YouTube version.)

Other notable events in Putin kissing history:

As a teenager, Vlad (known as “the Impaler” to the dames of St. Petersburg) dabbled in a little spin the bottle. As his ex-girlfriend recalls:

“Our kiss was short, true. I suddenly became very hot.”

The Kremlin leader and judo champion has also been known to kiss the mat. (Warning: Not suitable for acid casualties—the freakily garbled soundtrack might give them flashbacks.)

(And, because sex is ever the handmaiden of death, here’s the other Putin story of the day: The four Russian hostages in Iraq? The ones taken with an eye to strongarming Russia into withdrawing from Chechnya? They’re dead and Putin has (allegedly) ordered special forces to assassinate the kidnappers.)