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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on June 30 at 8:00 AM

Gitmo: The Supremes declare the whole damn thing unconstitutional, the Pentagon flips ‘em off.

That Other Supreme Court Decision: Here’s hoping Dems take Kos’ advice.

Bin Laden: He’s still out there somewhere, not that anyone, you know, cares.

Another Day, Another (Alleged) Atrocity: When can we stop pretending that every last person wearing a uniform in Iraq is hero fighting for our freedom? Some of them should have yellow ribbons tied around their necks.

Missing Israeli Soldier: No, wait. He’s not dead.

Space Shuttle Goes Up: Here’s hoping it comes down in one piece.

Starjonesgate: ABC told Star to make something up a lie about why she was leaving, and they would back her up. I think Star’s going to come out on top somehow. She certainly has the upper hand right now.

HPV Vaccine: This is worth linking to twice… Fed panel, bucking fundies, recommends HPV vaccine be giving to all girls before age 12.

The Deadliest Place on Earth: Kid dies at Disney Worldóthe ninth death at the park since 2003.

Light Bulb Removed from Man’s Anus: He has no idea how it got there. Uh-huh.

Are Fundies Turning on GOP? Christ, I hope so.

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The man with the light bulb in his ass was in prison in Pakistan, serving a four year sentence for making liquor. God bless America.

If Bush defies the Supreme Court in Gitmo, the showdown could be unusually ugly, and entertaining for Bush-haters. He really doesn't think the law applies to him at all, does he?

Although I am sure the Dems are eager to follow Tom Delay's example in redistricting, Kos strategy (of redisticting willy-nilly to get power with the eventual purpose of showing the nation how absurd it is to put the tool of redistricting into the hands of those who can abuse it to get re-elected) is ridiculous.

Dems won't let go of this fun toy if it helps them get elected--and let's not kid ourselves, both parties already gerrymander the fuck out of the country so that most of our districts are not even competitive. They'll want to frame the redisitricting battle as a noble fight to keep the legions of Republicans at bay, but when either party abuses this system to win, neother one of them is going to feel compelled to give up what puts them in power. and it's only making our watered-down votes count that much less.

As is often the case, a weapon used by one side is often used to greater effect by the other side.

That said, the military isn't ignoring SCOTUS, only POTUS is - once the Supreme Court rules on something, the discussion is over.

If SCOTUS had said "set them free", they'd be set free right away. They didn't, instead they said:

a. you're not a King;
b. the Geneva Conventions apply to those in Gitmo and other "secret" places;
c. the rule of law applies to even fake kings like Bush.

Even if most of our troops in Iraq are heroes, the fact is that not one of them is fighting for our freedom.

Gee... Seattle po-po has never farmed out an investigation "in recent memory", but it is because "the case is complicated". Now why would that be?

Could it be because an off duty cop who was riding through the Pike Place Market Business District (but Post Alley makes is sound like, you know, dark and seedy and all, but make no mistake of it being the HEART OF TOURIST/BELLTOWN. By Kell's for cryin-out-loud) at midnight on a weekend during in the tourist season, and ends up shooting a lawyer and smashing in the head of the lawyer's paralegal. Kind of complicates things huh?

how about some local news of the day? huh, huh, huh?

We linked to the Pioneer Square thing yesterday, but we'll be reporting on it, fer sure.

They better not do retalitatory redistricting here.

For one, Washington State's system *works*. We have sane competitive districts just like we should. It's a model for the rest of the country.

Second, it was created by a voter passed constitutional amendement. It'd be suicide to override it.

Finally, there's little point. I see little room for improvement. Assuming we take the 8th, we'll have control of every Western Washington seat with an outside shot at the 5th and Republicans solidly confined to the 4th.

Doesn't it bother anyone -- ANYONE, even on the right -- that the US government is more concerned about convicting Osama's personal driver (Hamdan) than they are about capturing Osama himself?

C'mon K, we need to make sure gays aren't getting married and flags aren't being burned first. Get your priorities straight!

Opps, I meant the Post Alley thing.

looking forward to seeing how the stranger's spotlight on the seattle police pans out. Here's hoping that the usual indignation the paper shows towards elected officals spills over and onto the police guild.

I mean damn, how bad exactly does a cop have to be in this county before they are fired and loose their pension? Ring was pretty dirty and Miller was a possible bigot with a hot head, but neither of them ever shot a public defender (we hope), so I for one would like to see how this case is handled. From every angle possible.

Forgot to mention today's news on US soldiers raping and burning their victim and killing her family.


Dont forget to mention Israel's continue punishment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

So far theyve blown water plants, electrical plants, bombed civilians to the stone age. Most of those civilians had nothing to do with the 2 missing Israeli soldiers going missing.

Yes the state of Israel has a right to defend themselves, they have the right to exist and they have the right to go after lunatics.. but, by punishing and killing thousands of inocent civilians, including women and children how are they different from the Hamas terrorists? perhaps is becuase theyre our allies?

They kill and punish inocent civilians and have the right to assesinate whoever they want.

Blow up a bus youre a terrorist, blow up a whole city, youre a state.

Here is the link on the rape story by Us soldiers.

Do you still support our troops?

I linked to that story this morning, Seme. It's the fourth item.

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