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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on June 29 at 8:32 AM

Prisoners at Gitmo: The Supremes slap Bush, rule that prisoners at Gitmo are POWs and—no way!—King George has to abide by the Geneva Conventions. The GCs ban torture of POWs, so what is Cheney going to do for fun now?

Sinking Fast: By the time we send Al Gore to the White House it’s gonna be underwater.

Israel vs Gaza: It’s beginning to look a lot like… gee, armageddon. Oh, and Israel arrests Hamas leaders—you know, those guys that just won a democratic election? Those guys, the ones bent on the destruction of Israel.

Israeli Soldier Found? Dead?

Dumb Shots: The House overturns a mandatory gun lock law, which means more kids with gun nut parents are going to shooting themselves with their dads’ guns. Oh well, at lease they won’t grow up to vote like their parents.

Headline of the Day: “Bear Flees for 2nd Time Before Neutering.” Can you blame him?

Starjonesgate: Wait a minute—they fired her ass twice?

Another Gay Bishop? It could happen—and all the usual suspects are pissed. Schism in three, two, one…

Google: They want your financial records too.

Banning Booze: Tacoma banned booze sales in some areas, and the homeless left for other areas. Seattle wants to do the same. It may be time to bring back what may be my best idea ever: The Beer Barge.

Another Day, Another Shooting: Driver shoots and wounds Washington State Trooper, Pierce County Sheriff Deputy shoots and kills driver.

Streetcar: Always empty, completely useless—and not worth the $10 million it will take to save it.

A Little Good News: Fed panel recommends that girls get newly-approved, life-saving HPV vaccine by age 12, which will piss off the fundies for sure—and so will this: After a seven year battle, the state Supremes in Arkansas toss out a state ban on gay foster parents. The ruling was unanimous.

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Al will never be president of anything except that TV station or web site concept thing that I'm not sure even ever launched. (I read about it in the NYer but never heard another word.)
Anyway the guy should be president (of the US) but probably isn't going to run and if he does he ain't gonna win.

How about a little local news? There must of been something that happened in the NW. Now I'll actually have to open my PI for the first time this week.

The Stranger is based in NY and its marketing concept is that it's in Seattle. Kind of like Frasier.

How did the Sheriff of Bellevue vote on the trigger lock bill? The website sucks.

How about this:

Lightbulb removed from anus:

Is there a hanky code for that? (Right side obviously, but what color?)

Yeah, this (latest) cop shooting didn't make the radar? What, is there a Stranger staffer collecting a police guild pension or what? Is this blackout on purpose, or does the "local" news section of the times&PI seem to stale for hip folks. How come there isn't more reporting on the mis-handling of citizens by the Seattle police in the Stranger?

The Weekly, sure, their readers are always on the cops side, but the average Stranger reader?

You clearly don't know squat about the Mandatory Free Chunk of Plastic law, Dan.

Broken link to alcohol impact area item. However, let me take a stab at what it might be about. U district, CD and Cap Hill businesses pitch enough of a bitch to get an AIA instated around their neighborhoods. Rainier Valley malt liqour merchants rejoice.

Re: A little good news...Anything that gets the fundies' undies in a bunch is ok by me. Oh, and the whole saving lives and allowing foster children more adoption possibilities is cool too.

Dan, thank you for you positive notes about Israel ridding Gaza of yet more terrorists. One of the few positive notes in this whole middle east mess is Israel being able to secure borders, and show the world that Hamas can't be trusted.

I loved Eli Sander's coverage of Rachel Corrie's support of these same terrorist groups. You're courage in telling the truth and supporting Israel is one of the reasons I love The Stranger.

Josh, it's only Geburah - the Armed Warrior-King in a Chariot. Focus on our people's evolution. Shalom...

No Alcohol Impact area - just another excuse to scr.w those of us who live in Ballard, Fremont, and West Seattle.

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