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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Morning News

Posted by on June 28 at 7:45 AM

Israel: Saving Private Gilad.

The GOP: Looking to condemn the New York Times

Maryland: Closely watching a local dam.

Seattle: In a giving mood.

Seattle Police: Conflicting stories about the hero off-duty cop.

Seattle Mariners: 39 wins, 39 losses. Whoo fucking hoo.

Ronaldo: Pretty fly for a ”fat” guy.

The Diamond Industry: scared of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Viagra: Not just for conservative blowhards anymore.

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when does the SPD spin stop? Officers are allowed to commit violent acts against unarmed, defenseless people, run drug rings, shoot or beat people without provication, act off duty however they want, then are cleared by 'internal reviews' done by other officers all while their PR people spin them as heroes. The politicians continue to stand by them and ignore the problems, all the while giving the Police more power and citizens less rights in the name of protecting citizens.

Kerlikowski should be held accountable as should every politician who doesn't call out the police for what they are.

The SPD is a force that has recently been investigated by the FBI for curruption, but no one would talk. It is a police force who has had two officers in the last few years kicked off the force for running drug rings - no other officers supposedly involved, which is a joke. It is a force which has allowed a person (Chris Kimes) to be beat to death while they watched and did nothing.

If the Police want respect then they should be held to a higher standard. When they commit crimes they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Once this happens, they should be respected, until then they should be treated as the thugs they are.

The officer in question drove his motorcycle through an alley closed to traffic. Has he been ticketed? What if I did that, would I be? He shot an unarmed man trying to protect a defenseless woman being attacked by a guy dressed in black leather driving a motorcyle through a crowd in a closed alley and shooting off a gun in a crowd. And this officer is called a hero.

The City Council and the Mayor need to start standing by the SPD spin or calling it out.

Mayor Nickels, do you stand by the SPD spokeperson calling this officer a hero? Or will you replace Kerlikowski for running a corrupt department?

Gaza today is more evidence that the Jewish religion is the root of all evil. We've made Christianity un-hip. Can we all agree that the Jewish religion is currently causing the most damage on this planet, and it is no longer hip to be Jewish? Religion of any kind is so Sept. 10.

In my less than humble opinion, I think that the tanks of Israel should destroy all of Palestine. Who needs it, anyhow?

As for Viagra, Rush is bound for hell. For what reason on Earth would an unmarried man need Viagra, the Drug of Satan?

Say a rosary for the police. If it weren't for the police we'd all be lying in bed with out throats cut. Only a communist wouldn't like the police.

Given the Mariners haven't been anything resembling a winning baseball squad this late in the year since 2003, having as many wins as losses at this point of the season is a huge step for them.

Hey, they're only 3 games back! Hell, that's less than the Yankees.

Nobody cares about Israel or Palestine anymore, anyway. They are so pre-Iraq.

They don't even show up on the top stories in Yahoo any more.

Maybe we should send the Mariners and the cop to Israel, so we can combine the stories.

Palestinian fanatics kidnap a couple of soldiers and probably killed them.

Israel than has the right to, Bomb the civilian population, blow up bridges, blow up power and water plants and cuts off water to a million people including women and children. Most of the people had nothing to do with the soldiers being kidnapped, but the state of Israel has the right to assesinate civilians and attack the civilian population with US provided f_16 jets.

Wow. And Israel is not a terrorist state because?

So if a crazy dude blows himself up and harms and maims civilians he is a terrorist, if Israel does it than theyre defending themselves? Wow.

Im no peacenick, I actually supported Nato bombing the crap out of Belgrade. I fully support Israel's right to exist and I support them going after Hamas and all nut jobs. I dont support their brutal and genocidal treatment of Palestinian civilians. But that was to stop the Serbian army from wiping out the Bosnian Muslims. Im all for that. Israel is doing this over 2 soldiers and theyre not a terrorist state.

Glad to see someone is paying some attention to the blood diamond issue. (Note the huge chord it struck with the Sloggers) Most people have no idea that these rocks cost human lives. I am not a bleeding heart hippie by any stretch but I do find it fascinating that no one cares. While the # of blood diamonds may be down, companies like Debeers still use child and slave labor to cut & polish their stones, often amputating a limb to prevent theft or escape. Worst of all nearly every female I have informed about the issue simply shrugs and says, "Yeah but I still want one." Bush should take some tips from the diamond industry on how to brainwash the masses.

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